Her 1st spanking ever, a hard school paddling

teen girl paddled at school

Her swat with the paddle leaves this girl quite surprised at the pain

There are so many young ladies in the US who are not spanked at home.  Corporal punishment is becoming less frequent in the homes of America, so it might come as a shock to the young lady who ends up transferring to a school in the South, for her high school years.  Imagine the 18 year old, high school senior, who is new at a school and finds herself in the office for discipline issues.  This is a fully grown young woman, who has never once felt even the slightest smack to her ass for being in trouble.  Now she finds herself sitting in front of a male principal or administrator and is being told that her behavior had led to the point in which she needs to be paddled.

For someone who has never even had a handspanking, the shock must really set in.  At 1st, she

paddled on tight jeans at school

Those tight jeans offer very little protection from a school paddling

may not even fully know what he is talking about.  Many principals call it “licks”, or “swats”, but there is no doubt that she quickly figures out what he means when he opens the drawer and pulls out a very large, wooden, school paddleShock turns to horror as she realizes that this paddle is about to be applied very forcefully to her bottom.  She soon realizes that she has no choice in the matter and finds herself following his instructions:

“Please stand young lady and move to the center of my office.  I want you to grab that chair against the wall, pull it to the center of the room, and then bend over the back of it. That’s it, now widen your stance, lift your bottom a little higher in the air.  I want you to keep that position until I have finished paddling your bottom.  It is going to hurt a lot, but it is very important that you do not move.  Do you understand young lady?”

a hard school paddling to tears

Receiving a hard paddling from the school principal

Just two months before she attended a school in which the worst case scenario was getting detention when she got in trouble.  She is about to learn that things work differently in the Southern states.  While detention was not much of a deterrent, this certainly is.  She is now bent over, her teen bottom in the air, presented nicely in her skin tight jeans, to a man that she just met 5 minutes ago.  She tries to convince herself that it will not be so bad, maybe he is just making a big production about it.  In the corner of her eye she sees the paddle lifted high in the air and then is scared as she hears what sounds like a gun shot.  Less than a second later, her brain processes the noise andshe realizes that it was the sound of the paddle hitting her tight little bottom.  Within that same

getting school corporal punishment

He raises the paddle high in the air to teach her a very real lesson

second, her brain communicates with her butt and she experiences just about the worst pain she has ever felt.  As the sting sets in, her eyes fill with tears.  She sees the paddle lift again….just 9 more to go.

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