Two girls paddled at school for fighting (hard corporal punishment)

Whenever you put a large group of kids together, in a closed environment, there is always going to

teen school girl paddling

Sitting down in the principal's office, learning that the punishment will be a 12 swat paddling.

be conflicts.  As long as schools have existed there has been the age old problem of kids getting into fights.  Most modern schools see the issue of fighting as a big problem, one that they generally have zero tolerance for.  In some cases, fighting in school results in a mandatory suspension.  For other schools, especially in the South, fighting in school gets earns both participants a mandatory paddling.

A very hard paddling, applied full force to a young lady’s bottom, can result in a dramatic change in behavior.  Both girls are caught fighting in the hallway between classes and are sent to see the principal.  He listens to both girl’s stories and quickly realizes that this was a mutual fight, not just a case of one girl bullying the other.  He knows the very best course of action is to notify both girl’s parents, let them know that their daughter was involved in a fight, and let them know

teen corporal punishment paddling at school

She prepares for the 1st paddle swat as the other girl waits for her paddling.

that both girls will be receiving corporal punishment.  He knows that by calling the parents, that there will be a good chance that this punishment will be further reinforced when they each get home.  In this community, even the older teen girls still get spanked, so the chances that each of them will be bending over for a hard session with dad’s belt, on their already bruised bottoms, is high.  After the parents are notified it is time to begin.

The 1st girl is ordered to the front of his desk and required to bend over and present her bottom.  She bends over, places her elbows on the desk, and waits with her teen bottom anticipating the 1st swat.  He chooses a larger wooden paddle, one that is thick enough to not just sting during the paddling, but to leave the bottom nice and sore for a couple of days after.  He has learned from many years of paddling teen girl’s bottoms, that the harder he paddles, the less the likelihood of any future infractions.  He takes fighting in his school very seriously, so he is determined to eliminate all chances of this happening again, so he plans to send them both home with bruised bottoms.

girls spanked at school by the principal

Her teen bottom feels the burn of this 12 swat school paddling

He touches the paddle gently to the 1st girl’s bottom and announces that he will be administering the maximum sentence…12 swats with the paddle.  Both girls cringe when they hear how many there are going to receive.  Without any further words, he raises the paddle high in the air, and brings it down full force on the lower part of the young lady’s perfect little bottom.  She immediately cries out in pain as the sting really settles in.  With just a second or two in between licks, he raises the paddle and smacks her poor bottom again, in the exact same spot.  He does his very best to apply every swat on the location of the bottom that touches when a young lady sits down.  He wants her to remember this punishment every time she sits at her desk for the next several days.  He does his best to make sure that sitting is barely an option.  Again and again he spanks her bottom with the large paddle until all 12 swats have been administered.

perfect teen butt getting paddled at school

She presents her bottom for her turn with the paddle...she has 12 full force swats coming.

It is always harder for the young lady that has to go second after watching such a paddling applied.  She finds herself almost in tears as she watches the 1st paddling.  She sees how hard it is, and knows that her poor bottom is next.  This young lady also knows her parent’s rules very clearly…”get it at school, get it at home”.  So she is not just dreading the corporal punishment she is about to receive, she is also thinking about how her mom’s hairbrush is going to feel on her bare and bruised bottom tonight.  As she contemplates all of this, she realizes it is her turn.

Just as with the 1st girl, she is told to bend over.  She found this to be one of the more embarrassing parts of the punishment.  Here she is, an 18 year old girl, being ordered by a man that she barely knows, to present her tight little bottom to him.  She knows she has a great ass and wears tight jeans to show them off to the boys, but she never imagined as she dressed that morning, that her pretty teen ass would be presented for a grown man to paddle it until she cried.

school corporal punishment

Her tries her best to hold still as he continues to paddle her teen bottom, even after she begins to cry. He is bruising her bottom and teaching her a very hard lesson.

Her problem with presenting her bottom was soon fixed as the 1st swat landed.  Now, I she could focus on was the pain.  The paddle hit with such a thud, she felt it in the muscles of her bottom.  Just as he did with the 1st girl, he paddled hard, and accurately, hitting the very bottom of her teen butt.  He ignored her cries and her pleas; he simply focused on doing his job as effectively as possible.  In this case, it meant making sure that this was a paddling that she would never forget.  By the time he applied the 12th swat to her poor bruised bottom, a very real lesson was indeed learned.  They were both required to sign the form that documented that corporal punishment was administered and were sent on their way.  They had pretty much forgotten what they had fought about and were now only focused on how sore their bottoms were.  Later that evening, one would be getting a bare bottom hairbrushing from mom, the other a very thorough strapping from dad.

You can view both girl’s receiving this hard 12 swat paddling in the member’s area of

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