A high school girl is taught a serious lesson with a double paddling on her teen bottom

teen girl paddled in high school

Looking at the paddles wondering which one will be used on her bottom.

It was not her 1st time to be sent to the office, but he was going to make sure it was her last.  She had been to his office just three months before for the same offense and he had let her off fairly easy as she had not been in much trouble before.  The last time she sat before him in his office, he told her it was a fairly mild offense, but one that needed to be dealt with.  He wrote on her pink slip that she was to receive 3 swats for her offense and pushed it across the desk for her to read and sign.  He got the reaction he was looking for as she signed the form with shaky hands.  He even went as far as pulling out the paddle and laying it on the desk for her to see.  It made her so nervous, she was close to tears, and he knew he had made his point.  He pulled the paper back in front of him and wrote “suspended sentence” next to her sentence of a 3 swat paddling.  He told her that as long as he did not see her in his office again, the paddling would be suspended indefinitely. She left his office as relieved as she could ever remember being in her life, as the last thing she wanted was to feel that paddle on her butt.

It was clear that she remembered every detail of her last trip to the office as even before he started

high school girl paddling

Assuming the position for a severe paddling she will never forget.

talking about a punishment she was a bit shaky.  He opened her file and pulled out the old form and laid it on the desk.  He read the new disciplinary referral and saw that they were dealing with the same offense as before.  He told her in a very matter a fact way that it was clear that the suspended sentence did not serve its purpose.  He took full responsibility for her being back in his office and actually took the time to apologize to her.  He told her how sorry he was that he did not deal with her discipline issue in such a way as to prevent her from coming back.  He told her that it was hard to mad at her when it was his fault, not hers. He promised her that he would correct the problem this time and she would not have to worry about coming back to his office.

paddling her teen butt at school

Her punishment begins with the small paddle and he achieves tears right away.

It was at this point that he dropped the bomb.  He let her know that they needed to deal with the suspended sentence from last time, which was the deal they had made.  Today she would have to take the 3 swats that he owed her.  This got her attention, but she knew this was probably going to be the case.  He then turned his attention to her new pink slip and she watched him scribble something on the bottom of it.  He slid it across the desk for her to sign and her heart dropped, her pulse quickened, and her face immediately turned red.  On this pink slip he had written “6 swats, second offense”.  She was so shocked, she did not know what to say or do.  He calmly explained that for a second trip to his office, in the same school year, for the same offense, it was standard to double the punishment, as long as it fell within the school’s disciplinary policy.  He told her that she was owed 3 swats, which she should have already received, and for the latest offense she had earned 6.  School policy allows for up to 10 swats for a single offense, but she would only be receiving 9 today.  He motioned to the pen and told her to sign it. She could barely hold it her hands were shaking so badly.  She scribbled her signature and fought back the tears.

He asked her to stand up and escorted her down the hall to the after school detention room which

teen school corporal punishment

He swats her teen butt hard enough to teach her a real lesson.

was the new location that he paddled all students in.  He told her to take a seat and that he would be back to paddle her bottom in a few minutes.  She sat down and looked up at a row of four paddles hanging on a hook on the wall next to her.  She could not help but to reach up and touch one.  She could not believe how big they all seemed, and she could not believe that one of them would be used on her bottomHer last spanking from her mom had been at least 5 years ago, she remember that it hurt like hell, and it was with her mom’s hand…what would the paddle feel like? 

teen girl paddled over her jeans

Her perfect teen bottom is turning black and blue under those tight jeans.

After 5 minutes he returned to the detention room and found a very nervous and sorry young lady before him.  He knew the effects of leaving a young lady alone with a wall of paddles and he used it to his advantage.  It was clear that the punishment had started for her before he even picked up a paddle.  He grabbed the smallest of the paddles off the wall and told her that this is the one he uses for 1st time offenders as it was the thinnest.  He asked her to stand up, turn around, and to bend over and grab her knees.  He politely asked her widen her stance and straighten her legs.  He explained that his rule was that she was to remain in position for her entire paddling.  He would consider failure to follow his rules as direct disobedience.  He further explained that direct disobedience in this school is a punishable offense.  Should she not follow the rules, while he would not be able to paddle her anymore today, that she would report to his office for a paddling in the morning, so he strongly suggested that she follow the rules.  He asked her if she understood and she told him that she did.

He knew this was his chance to change her attitude about the school policies and see to it that she

teen sore butt from school paddling

The second paddle is double the thickness as the 1st and it will leave her bottom sore for many days.

never returned to his office.  He touched the paddle to her butt, lifted it in the air, and smacked her bottom hard.  She jumped a little, but did not move out of place.  He gave the swat a second to register and saw the pain overtake her body.  Her legs began to tremble, she was breathless for a moment, and the gentle sounds of crying began, which he saw as a very good start.  He lifted the paddle again and laid on the second swat and got a similar reaction.  Now the gentle crying turned into sobbing and she started to say “oh no, oh no” with a broken voice.  He lifted the paddle again and gave her a hard 3rd swat to her already swollen bottom.  This lead to a full break down and all attempts by her to hold back her crying were over.  The floodgates opened, the tears fell like rain, and it was clear that she was learning her lesson.

teen crying from a school paddling

The big paddle has the desired effect as she cries uncontrollably.

He gave her a moment as this was the end of her original punishment.  Had he done this in the 1st place they would not even be here right now.  But she had broken the rules a second time, the same rule in fact, so it was his job to see it through.  She saw him step in front of her and hang the paddle back on the rack.  He explained that now that they had completed the paddling that she was owed, that they were now dealing with a new offense.  He apologized as he told her that now that this was her second offense and second paddling from him that he would have to move to the biggest paddle.  She cringed as he reached up and grabbed a paddle that was at least twice as thick as the one that had just caused her as much pain as she had ever known.  He reiterated his rules to her and told her that she needed to hold on tight as this paddle hit quite a bit harder.  She could not imagine that actually being possible as her butt seemed to be getting numb it hurt so badly.

The reason he used the thinner paddle on 1st time offenders was so that they could learn a lesson by having their

teen bottom paddled

Trying to wide away the tears in between swats to her poor teen bottom.

butts paddled, but it was not a multi-day ordeal.  He was firm but fair, so he generally paddled someone new to his office with the smaller paddle.  It certainly hurt like hell and set their little butts on fire, but the thinner paddle did not bruise a bottom so badly.  He felt it was a fair way to handle it and while it was still a paddling, it served as more of a warning.  The heavy paddle was for frequent visitors to his office, or for someone who had not learned a lesson the 1st time he paddled them.  It was indeed twice the thickness of the 1st paddle and it hit with such a thud it bruised bottoms from the 1st swat.  He knew that this one left a long lasting impression and that any young lady that was paddled with this heavy paddle, would be sore for the remainder of the week.  On more than one occasion he saw a young lady walking down the hall, or sitting in the lunchroom a day or two after a paddling and it was clear that she was still feeling it.  Unfortunately for this young lady, grabbing her knees, and bawling her eyes out before him, she was going to get the full treatment on her 1st visit.

bruised teen from school spanking

No amount of rubbing is going to stop her bruised bottom from throbbing.

He stepped back behind her and once again placed the paddle on her sore bottom.  He did not see any reason to draw this out any longer that he already had and he laid on the 1st swat.  Once again, it took her breath away and she made a sort of silent scream.  It is the sound where she starts to yell, but her voice breaks as she exhales all the air in her lungs, and then is sort of frozen in that moment for a minute.  He gave her a chance to get her breath back before applying the next swat.  She had thought her bottom was going numb, but there is no doubt she was feeling that heavy paddle dig deep into the tissue of her bottom.  The second swat almost knocked her forward and off of her feet.  She needed this to be over and she did not want to have to get paddled again in the morning for not holding still.  The tears had never really left her eyes, but she was now crying like a preschooler having a tantrum, she could not control her emotions.  He raised the paddle again and without any pause in between, he laid the last four swats on, full

sore butt from school paddling

Sitting today…or anytime this week is going to be a challenge for her.

force, each on the exact same spot.

It was clear from her reaction to the paddling that she had learned her lesson.  He told her to stand up and her

hands went right to her bottom.  She rubbed furiously, trying her best to make the pain go away, but as she would later find out, that pain would be with her for the next four days.  He told her to have a seat while he went back to his office to get the paperwork that needed to be filled out after corporal punishment had been administered. Sitting down was the very last thing she wanted to do at this point, but she knew better than to question anything he ever said to her again.  With tears in her eyes and her bottom throbbing in way that she did not think was possible, she attempted to sit on the hard wood desk seat.

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