One teen girl paddled at school, a lesson for all the students.

Yes, she may have just started high school and the rules at this larger school were new to her, but should that change the way he handled her punishment?  Every student was issued a student handbook on the 1st day, in which all of the rules were spelled out in great detail, although he knew that few of them even took a peek.  This was not his responsibility, as they were all told to read the rules cover to cover.   It always happens at the beginning of a new school year, especially with the freshman, as for many of them; they just got their 1st cell phone.  But the rules state, all phones will be kept in a student’s locker, or will remain turned off during any class period.  She either did not read the rules, or just forgot to turn her phone off.

It was the second day of school, but should that change how he handles things?  His experience is that if he lets one student off for an offense, even as minor as this one, then the others start to feel that some rules are not enforced.  That was not the type of school he ran.  So now he is stuck with a female student, a straight A student in middle school, in his office for a minor infraction that was probably just a mistake on her part.  On top of that, she is a tiny little thing, 90 lbs. at the most.  Her school uniform is in perfect condition, clearly is had even been ironed that morning.  She speaks to him with perfect respect, with “Sir” starting or ending just about every sentence.  If there was ever a case to let a student off with a warning, this might the time.

young teen school paddling video

Young teen bent over to be paddled at school

It is this type of thinking that has gotten him in trouble in the past.  He lets one student off and the others start to feel entitled and feel they can have a cell phone in class.  Pretty soon his office is filled with disciplinary referrals for cell phone use.  The wheels will pretty much fall off the wagon.  Just as he is talking himself out of her being in any trouble at all, he makes a full reversal.  This is the perfect chance to make an example out of her.  If this tiny little, perfect student, can have her bottom paddled for such a minor offense, the word will spread and anyone that hears about it will know that no one is immune.

high school girl paddled at school

A very hard and fast paddling at school for this young high school girl.

He tells her it is unfortunate that she did not follow the rules.  Without another word he grabs the large paddle, grabs her gently by the arm, and walks her over to his desk and tells her to bend over.  He convinces himself that it does not matter that she is a model student, that she is respectful, or that she is a young teenage girl, rules are rules.  He will not go easy; in fact he will paddle her just as he would any boy in the school.  Rules are meant to be followed in this school and any violation will result in a sore bottom.  Maybe it was only a single txt beep from her phone, but he was going to make sure it never, ever happened again.  With her bent over, arms outstretched legs wide he lifts the paddle and smacks her tiny little bottom.  He does not allow time for her to adjust to the pain, he just lays on one paddle swat after another.  He gives her six in a row on her little butt and immediately walks the teary eyed girl into the lobby. He decides this example is best shared with as many students as possible and walks her all the way to class.  He does not let her stop at the restroom to compose herself, or to fix her makeup.  With the paddle still in his hand he opens her classroom door and sends her to her desk to retrieve her cell phone.  Every eye in the room is either on her tear stained face or the giant paddle in his hand.  She retrieves the cell phone, still fighting the tears, and brings it to him.  He reminds her what happens when a student has a cell phone in class, gives the paddle a little wave for all to see, and then heads back to his office, knowing full well that with one hard paddling of one teen girl, that he just prevented another 30 students, plus the 300 they all share the story with, from ever bringing a cell phone to class.

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