School Corporal Punishment with a Paddle


A very sore bottom from a school paddling

bruised bottom from a school paddling

A very bruised bottom a few hours after a hard school paddling.

It generally happens a couple hours after a girl has had her bottom paddled at school.  Getting her butt paddled is certainly a very painful event, but at some point during, or shortly after, her paddling, the body starts to take care of things.  Extreme pain is combated by the body by the production of endorphins.  The body is an amazing thing and sometimes during a paddling a teen girl’s bottom might actually go numb as a result of endorphins.  She wipes away the tears and heads back to class and there is a point that she might think that it is not as bad as she thought it was going to be.  Yes it hurt, yes she cried, but now, 10 minutes after, her butt seems to be doing ok.

Endorphins combat immediate pain but they do not last forever.  Generally after about 30 minutes they start to wear off.  She might be sitting in a hard wooden desk in class when the sensations start to return.  The numbness gives way to a gentle tingling, which in itself is not so bad.  Slowly this tingling gives way to a localized throbbing and starts to

bruised bottom from a school paddling

The real results of a hard school paddling are quite clear.

become what can only described as pain.  After an hour or so after her paddling, the throbbing really builds and starts to consume her thoughts.  She realizes that it might indeed be as bad as she thought and as time passes, it becomes much worse than she expected.

By the time several hours have passed she begins to realize that her punishment is not over and that it is really just beginning.  To go along with the throbbing the muscles in her bottom begin to really tighten up.  It is like she had the longest glut workout of her life and every muscle in her bottom is rebelling.  She realizes that simple tasks such as walking, bending, and most especially sitting, cause her great discomfort.  By the time she gets home from school that day she is in more pain than she was just moments after the paddling.

teen school paddling bruises

Checking her bottom in the mirror after her school paddling.

That night she takes a look in the mirror and sees that the bruises have already begun to take shape.  Her bottom is black and blue, especially on the right butt cheek.  She has big bulls eye marks on the bottom of each butt cheek where the paddle compressed her skin, dug deep into her muscles, and then the waves spread out from there.  At this point it is not just movement of those muscles that felt the paddle, or sitting that provides discomfort, it now fully exists all of the time. Her little butt throbs with every beat of her heart and there is a pounding that she feels all of the time.

When she goes to bed that night, she realizes that she will be sleeping on her side or her stomach, and that lying on her back is not an option.  Her poor bottom aches all of the time, but now putting any pressure on it is out of the question.  She tosses and turns all night long as her aching butt wakes her up every few minutes.  When she gets out of bed the next morning it is like every muscle in her

school paddling bruises butt

Sleeping in her side with nothing touching her bottom after a very hard school paddling.

butt has seized up.  It takes a few moments before she can even commit to the 1st step.  She finds herself squatting over the toilet to pee as there is not a chance that her butt could handle the hard seat.  As she showers she does not even really touch her butt, it is far too sore for a wash cloth to be rubbed on it.  The tight jeans that she typically wears are not an option as she elects to wear lose fitting sweat pants.  The ride to school is brutal, even on the padded seats of her mom’s car and she feels every bump in the road.

She arrives at school and quickly finds out that as bad as all of this has been for her that it is now that her real punishment begins.  The bell rings and she hurries to class and then has to sit down at the hard wooden seat of a high school desk.  She has no choice but to sit as class has started.  She winces in pain as her bottom touches the seat, within a minute she is trying to hide the tears in her eyes from her classmates.

Hard school paddling videos…short shorts and yoga pants

When a young lady gets in trouble in high school, she is not really able to choose when she gets paddled or even what she

teen school paddling video

The effects of the paddle are clear.

is wearing.  There are many students who are sent to the office during gym class, cheer practice, or during any other school activity in which they have changed from their regular school clothes.

On this week’s update at  and they play off of this exact theme.  At we see a young lady caught smoking after cheer practice and she is sent to the principal wearing the tiny little practice uniforms that we often see cheerleaders wearing when they are not in the full uniforms.  She takes one hell of a paddling on her tiny teen butt and as a result of her short shorts, we can actually see the bruises forming low on her bottom.  He uses a giant paddle and you have to wonder how such a small girl can take such a hard paddling.  I kid you not, this is a very intense, hard hitting paddling video that is not to be missed.

teen paddling videos at school

Paddled hard on her short shorts and you can see the bruises forming on her bottom.

school paddling video

You can see the bruises on her teen bottom through her yoga pants.

On, I really loved this scene as well.  It mixes a couple of things we rarely see in school paddling videos.  The 1st is the fact that she is wearing skin tight, white, yoga pants that are so shear, you can actually see how bad the paddle is bruising her bottom through her pants.  Look closely at the picture and you can see big purple marks on her bottom, through her pants.  This scene is also quite unique in that she is paddled in the “lunge position”.  I have read of true accounts in which schools have utilized this position for a paddling, and here we get to see it actually take place.  As with the previous scene, this is a full force paddling, with a giant wooden paddle, that lifts her off of her feet with each swat of the paddle.

school paddling video

Getting her bottom paddled at school in the lunge position.

These are not playful little paddlings for those of you looking for fun spanking videos.  This is real, honest to goodness, hard hitting school corporal punishment.  These are not spankings designed to leave a bottom pink, these are severe paddling videos that leave a teen girl’s bottom black and blue.  These scenes are from this week’s updates to and and are exclusive to these sites.  Enjoy!

A hard and fast paddling for a high school girl

Some principals and administrators make a school paddling a long drawn out experience for the young lady in trouble.  There is a long discussion about her behavior, there is a decent amount of time she has to sit in the office before the paddling takes place, and the paddling itself can last a few minutes.  Each swat is applied to her bottom, with 20-30 seconds in between, allowing the pain to fully set in, and making it an experience she will never forget.

teen high school girl paddling

It is hard for her focus to not be on the paddle that is about to be used to spank her teen bottom at school.

There are those that paddle at school that just try to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible.  They believe that any second a student is not in the classroom to be a valuable waste of the time needed to educate these young ladies.  As a result, when a student is in their office for disciplinary issues, they want the turnaround time to be as fast as possible.  This method can be just as effective, especially in a school in which there is basically a line to the principal’s office on a very regular basis.

teen high school girl paddled

Scared of the paddling she is about to receive, she has no choice to bend over and take what she has earned.

high school girl paddled by the principal

Presenting her bottom for what will be a very hard and fast paddling from the Principal.

The whole process of paddling a young lady’s bottom in high school can take place within about 5 minutes.  Clearly he needs to look into why she was sent to the office in the 1st place, needs to read what the teacher has put on the referral, and hear the student’s side of things.  He needs to check her records and see what sort of trouble she has been in before.  Once this process is complete he decides on a course of action.  At this point he tells her that she is going to receive a paddling.  Most schools require a corporal punishment form to be filled out, which can be done in a minute.  While things are moving along quickly, that minute between the time she is told she is going to be paddled and while he fills out the form, can be seem like a very long time.  She has just enough time to consider the fact that the paddle hanging on the wall is going to be used to bust her butt.

teen girl paddled at school

No break between swats to her teen bottom, she gets all six swats hard and fast.

Once the administrative stuff is taken care of, he wastes no time.  He tells her to stand up, approach the desk, and to bend over.  He grabs the paddle off of the wall, walks up behind her, and gets right to work.  Unlike many principals, his technique is to spank her bottom with the paddle as fast as he can.  He does not sacrifice technique, accuracy, or most importantly, severity when paddling her bottom, he simply chooses to get it over with as fast as possible.  His technique is not to lay on a swat, let it sink it, give her a moment for the tears to start; it is over almost as fast as it began.

hard paddling for teen high school girl

After 6 very fast swats, her knees buckle as the pain sets in.

This tends to create a different reaction for the teen girl paddled in such a manner.  Instead of struggling throughout the whole paddling, it all happens at once.  The 1st hard swat to her bottom takes her breath away and it is over before she finds her next breath.  This does however have a way of the entire paddling hitting her at the same time.  Before she has a chance to comprehend what is happening the full effects of 6 severe paddle swats to her bottom hit her.  The pain is instant and overwhelming, so much so that when it is over, her knees buckle a little.

teen girl paddle in school until she cries

Sent from the office with a bruised bottom and tears still in her eyes

She received 6 swats to her tight butt in just 2 seconds.  The stinging and the throbbing all begins at once and instead of her eyes watering a little and building, the moment the paddling is over she is crying instantly.  But he likes to move things along and there is no time for her tears.  He has her sit down immediately, sign the corporal punishment form, and she is then sent immediately from his office.  She is not even close to being done with adjusting to the pain and getting all of her emotions out.  When she walks from his office into the main school office, it has the effect of making an impression on the students waiting to see the principal.  She is still holding her bottom, her face is bright red, and she does not only have tears in her eyes, she is still crying.  She would be quite embarrassed under normal circumstances, but she has no control over this situation, all she can focus on is how much her bruised bottom hurts.

A high school girl is taught a serious lesson with a double paddling on her teen bottom

teen girl paddled in high school

Looking at the paddles wondering which one will be used on her bottom.

It was not her 1st time to be sent to the office, but he was going to make sure it was her last.  She had been to his office just three months before for the same offense and he had let her off fairly easy as she had not been in much trouble before.  The last time she sat before him in his office, he told her it was a fairly mild offense, but one that needed to be dealt with.  He wrote on her pink slip that she was to receive 3 swats for her offense and pushed it across the desk for her to read and sign.  He got the reaction he was looking for as she signed the form with shaky hands.  He even went as far as pulling out the paddle and laying it on the desk for her to see.  It made her so nervous, she was close to tears, and he knew he had made his point.  He pulled the paper back in front of him and wrote “suspended sentence” next to her sentence of a 3 swat paddling.  He told her that as long as he did not see her in his office again, the paddling would be suspended indefinitely. She left his office as relieved as she could ever remember being in her life, as the last thing she wanted was to feel that paddle on her butt.

It was clear that she remembered every detail of her last trip to the office as even before he started

high school girl paddling

Assuming the position for a severe paddling she will never forget.

talking about a punishment she was a bit shaky.  He opened her file and pulled out the old form and laid it on the desk.  He read the new disciplinary referral and saw that they were dealing with the same offense as before.  He told her in a very matter a fact way that it was clear that the suspended sentence did not serve its purpose.  He took full responsibility for her being back in his office and actually took the time to apologize to her.  He told her how sorry he was that he did not deal with her discipline issue in such a way as to prevent her from coming back.  He told her that it was hard to mad at her when it was his fault, not hers. He promised her that he would correct the problem this time and she would not have to worry about coming back to his office.

paddling her teen butt at school

Her punishment begins with the small paddle and he achieves tears right away.

It was at this point that he dropped the bomb.  He let her know that they needed to deal with the suspended sentence from last time, which was the deal they had made.  Today she would have to take the 3 swats that he owed her.  This got her attention, but she knew this was probably going to be the case.  He then turned his attention to her new pink slip and she watched him scribble something on the bottom of it.  He slid it across the desk for her to sign and her heart dropped, her pulse quickened, and her face immediately turned red.  On this pink slip he had written “6 swats, second offense”.  She was so shocked, she did not know what to say or do.  He calmly explained that for a second trip to his office, in the same school year, for the same offense, it was standard to double the punishment, as long as it fell within the school’s disciplinary policy.  He told her that she was owed 3 swats, which she should have already received, and for the latest offense she had earned 6.  School policy allows for up to 10 swats for a single offense, but she would only be receiving 9 today.  He motioned to the pen and told her to sign it. She could barely hold it her hands were shaking so badly.  She scribbled her signature and fought back the tears.

He asked her to stand up and escorted her down the hall to the after school detention room which

teen school corporal punishment

He swats her teen butt hard enough to teach her a real lesson.

was the new location that he paddled all students in.  He told her to take a seat and that he would be back to paddle her bottom in a few minutes.  She sat down and looked up at a row of four paddles hanging on a hook on the wall next to her.  She could not help but to reach up and touch one.  She could not believe how big they all seemed, and she could not believe that one of them would be used on her bottomHer last spanking from her mom had been at least 5 years ago, she remember that it hurt like hell, and it was with her mom’s hand…what would the paddle feel like? 

teen girl paddled over her jeans

Her perfect teen bottom is turning black and blue under those tight jeans.

After 5 minutes he returned to the detention room and found a very nervous and sorry young lady before him.  He knew the effects of leaving a young lady alone with a wall of paddles and he used it to his advantage.  It was clear that the punishment had started for her before he even picked up a paddle.  He grabbed the smallest of the paddles off the wall and told her that this is the one he uses for 1st time offenders as it was the thinnest.  He asked her to stand up, turn around, and to bend over and grab her knees.  He politely asked her widen her stance and straighten her legs.  He explained that his rule was that she was to remain in position for her entire paddling.  He would consider failure to follow his rules as direct disobedience.  He further explained that direct disobedience in this school is a punishable offense.  Should she not follow the rules, while he would not be able to paddle her anymore today, that she would report to his office for a paddling in the morning, so he strongly suggested that she follow the rules.  He asked her if she understood and she told him that she did.

He knew this was his chance to change her attitude about the school policies and see to it that she

teen sore butt from school paddling

The second paddle is double the thickness as the 1st and it will leave her bottom sore for many days.

never returned to his office.  He touched the paddle to her butt, lifted it in the air, and smacked her bottom hard.  She jumped a little, but did not move out of place.  He gave the swat a second to register and saw the pain overtake her body.  Her legs began to tremble, she was breathless for a moment, and the gentle sounds of crying began, which he saw as a very good start.  He lifted the paddle again and laid on the second swat and got a similar reaction.  Now the gentle crying turned into sobbing and she started to say “oh no, oh no” with a broken voice.  He lifted the paddle again and gave her a hard 3rd swat to her already swollen bottom.  This lead to a full break down and all attempts by her to hold back her crying were over.  The floodgates opened, the tears fell like rain, and it was clear that she was learning her lesson.

teen crying from a school paddling

The big paddle has the desired effect as she cries uncontrollably.

He gave her a moment as this was the end of her original punishment.  Had he done this in the 1st place they would not even be here right now.  But she had broken the rules a second time, the same rule in fact, so it was his job to see it through.  She saw him step in front of her and hang the paddle back on the rack.  He explained that now that they had completed the paddling that she was owed, that they were now dealing with a new offense.  He apologized as he told her that now that this was her second offense and second paddling from him that he would have to move to the biggest paddle.  She cringed as he reached up and grabbed a paddle that was at least twice as thick as the one that had just caused her as much pain as she had ever known.  He reiterated his rules to her and told her that she needed to hold on tight as this paddle hit quite a bit harder.  She could not imagine that actually being possible as her butt seemed to be getting numb it hurt so badly.

The reason he used the thinner paddle on 1st time offenders was so that they could learn a lesson by having their

teen bottom paddled

Trying to wide away the tears in between swats to her poor teen bottom.

butts paddled, but it was not a multi-day ordeal.  He was firm but fair, so he generally paddled someone new to his office with the smaller paddle.  It certainly hurt like hell and set their little butts on fire, but the thinner paddle did not bruise a bottom so badly.  He felt it was a fair way to handle it and while it was still a paddling, it served as more of a warning.  The heavy paddle was for frequent visitors to his office, or for someone who had not learned a lesson the 1st time he paddled them.  It was indeed twice the thickness of the 1st paddle and it hit with such a thud it bruised bottoms from the 1st swat.  He knew that this one left a long lasting impression and that any young lady that was paddled with this heavy paddle, would be sore for the remainder of the week.  On more than one occasion he saw a young lady walking down the hall, or sitting in the lunchroom a day or two after a paddling and it was clear that she was still feeling it.  Unfortunately for this young lady, grabbing her knees, and bawling her eyes out before him, she was going to get the full treatment on her 1st visit.

bruised teen from school spanking

No amount of rubbing is going to stop her bruised bottom from throbbing.

He stepped back behind her and once again placed the paddle on her sore bottom.  He did not see any reason to draw this out any longer that he already had and he laid on the 1st swat.  Once again, it took her breath away and she made a sort of silent scream.  It is the sound where she starts to yell, but her voice breaks as she exhales all the air in her lungs, and then is sort of frozen in that moment for a minute.  He gave her a chance to get her breath back before applying the next swat.  She had thought her bottom was going numb, but there is no doubt she was feeling that heavy paddle dig deep into the tissue of her bottom.  The second swat almost knocked her forward and off of her feet.  She needed this to be over and she did not want to have to get paddled again in the morning for not holding still.  The tears had never really left her eyes, but she was now crying like a preschooler having a tantrum, she could not control her emotions.  He raised the paddle again and without any pause in between, he laid the last four swats on, full

sore butt from school paddling

Sitting today…or anytime this week is going to be a challenge for her.

force, each on the exact same spot.

It was clear from her reaction to the paddling that she had learned her lesson.  He told her to stand up and her

hands went right to her bottom.  She rubbed furiously, trying her best to make the pain go away, but as she would later find out, that pain would be with her for the next four days.  He told her to have a seat while he went back to his office to get the paperwork that needed to be filled out after corporal punishment had been administered. Sitting down was the very last thing she wanted to do at this point, but she knew better than to question anything he ever said to her again.  With tears in her eyes and her bottom throbbing in way that she did not think was possible, she attempted to sit on the hard wood desk seat.

One teen girl paddled at school, a lesson for all the students.

Yes, she may have just started high school and the rules at this larger school were new to her, but should that change the way he handled her punishment?  Every student was issued a student handbook on the 1st day, in which all of the rules were spelled out in great detail, although he knew that few of them even took a peek.  This was not his responsibility, as they were all told to read the rules cover to cover.   It always happens at the beginning of a new school year, especially with the freshman, as for many of them; they just got their 1st cell phone.  But the rules state, all phones will be kept in a student’s locker, or will remain turned off during any class period.  She either did not read the rules, or just forgot to turn her phone off.

It was the second day of school, but should that change how he handles things?  His experience is that if he lets one student off for an offense, even as minor as this one, then the others start to feel that some rules are not enforced.  That was not the type of school he ran.  So now he is stuck with a female student, a straight A student in middle school, in his office for a minor infraction that was probably just a mistake on her part.  On top of that, she is a tiny little thing, 90 lbs. at the most.  Her school uniform is in perfect condition, clearly is had even been ironed that morning.  She speaks to him with perfect respect, with “Sir” starting or ending just about every sentence.  If there was ever a case to let a student off with a warning, this might the time.

young teen school paddling video

Young teen bent over to be paddled at school

It is this type of thinking that has gotten him in trouble in the past.  He lets one student off and the others start to feel entitled and feel they can have a cell phone in class.  Pretty soon his office is filled with disciplinary referrals for cell phone use.  The wheels will pretty much fall off the wagon.  Just as he is talking himself out of her being in any trouble at all, he makes a full reversal.  This is the perfect chance to make an example out of her.  If this tiny little, perfect student, can have her bottom paddled for such a minor offense, the word will spread and anyone that hears about it will know that no one is immune.

high school girl paddled at school

A very hard and fast paddling at school for this young high school girl.

He tells her it is unfortunate that she did not follow the rules.  Without another word he grabs the large paddle, grabs her gently by the arm, and walks her over to his desk and tells her to bend over.  He convinces himself that it does not matter that she is a model student, that she is respectful, or that she is a young teenage girl, rules are rules.  He will not go easy; in fact he will paddle her just as he would any boy in the school.  Rules are meant to be followed in this school and any violation will result in a sore bottom.  Maybe it was only a single txt beep from her phone, but he was going to make sure it never, ever happened again.  With her bent over, arms outstretched legs wide he lifts the paddle and smacks her tiny little bottom.  He does not allow time for her to adjust to the pain, he just lays on one paddle swat after another.  He gives her six in a row on her little butt and immediately walks the teary eyed girl into the lobby. He decides this example is best shared with as many students as possible and walks her all the way to class.  He does not let her stop at the restroom to compose herself, or to fix her makeup.  With the paddle still in his hand he opens her classroom door and sends her to her desk to retrieve her cell phone.  Every eye in the room is either on her tear stained face or the giant paddle in his hand.  She retrieves the cell phone, still fighting the tears, and brings it to him.  He reminds her what happens when a student has a cell phone in class, gives the paddle a little wave for all to see, and then heads back to his office, knowing full well that with one hard paddling of one teen girl, that he just prevented another 30 students, plus the 300 they all share the story with, from ever bringing a cell phone to class.

A real teen and very real school paddling videos

real school paddling

Her tiny teen bottom receives a very real school paddling.

There are many spanking sites out there that do their best to recreate school corporal punishment, it is pretty clear from my blog posts which ones I favor.  Of all of the site in the that I love, when it comes to school paddling videos, I just can’t get enough of Teen Jessica.  There are many spanking models that get their bottoms paddled on camera, and with all the sites, they certainly get very hard and realistic paddlings.  But with Jessica, OH MY! First of all is the fact that she started modeling when she was just 18 and just a few weeks out of high school.  I also like how she shares with us all of the details about the paddling she actually received in school.

The thought that her perfect little butt was actually paddled in school is almost too much to

real corporal punishment video

Grabbing her ankles for a real school paddling on her teen butt.

comprehend.  Her bottom is so tiny and when she gets paddled on camera, you can tell how much it hurts.  There is not an ounce of extra padding and it is clear she feels each and every swat.  She is often paddled to tears, exactly the way it should happen.  Yes, these scenes are recreations, but she is clearly not acting.  Before a paddling is over she is often covered in sweat from the intensity of the scene.

real school paddling

Real teen, very real school corporal punishment videos.

There are many scenes, especially her earliest ones, in which she is recreating an actual paddling she received in school.  I love seeing her tiny teen bottom paddled in the exact way she got it in school.  I love that she then writes an article detailing the actual paddling she received…it is fantasy and reality all wrapped into one.  She is also the only model I have seen that has taken a full school paddling, administered with two hands.  I am not sure how her little bottom takes it, but somehow she survives.

Her perfect little teen ass is paddled in more school corporal punishment videos than I

real school paddling video

That paddle is going to bruise her tiny teen bottom.

can count.  They are always delivered full force, often lead to tears, and always leave her tiny bottom bruised for what has to be days.  If you doubt the intensity of the paddlings this real teen girl receives, just take a peek at the after gallery below.  These show what happens when a real teen girl, bends over in the principal’s office, for some very real school corporal punishment.

All of these pictures come from part of the four girl teen spanking pass included with a single membership.



Two high school girls get a school padding for fighting

paddled at school girls

Sent to the office for fighting, they will both be paddled.

It is pretty standard at this school, corporal punishment is always applied if students are caught fighting.  It does not matter if it is male or female students, a school paddling is mandatory.  The only exclusion is if the student’s parents have not authorized corporal punishment to be administered to their child.

These two young ladies are both 18 and have been caught fighting in the halls between classes.  They are both sent to the school office for the principal to figure out what happened.  Before he calls either girl into his office, he has his secretary check the computer to see if corporal punishment is authorized.  Assuming this fight was mutual combat and that one girl did not just attack the other, he knows he will be paddling their bottoms.

He calls the 1st girl into his office while the secretary checks for the authorization to paddle

school girl corporal punishment paddling

Calling for mom for authorization to paddle her butt.

these girls.  She finds that one girl has a form on file, while the other does not.  The principal listens to the 1st girl’s side of the story and it seems these girls have not been getting along and that this fight has been coming for quite some time. He sends the 1st girl back to wait and finds out that the other girl does not have a form on file.  He asks his secretary to call one of her parents and get authorization to paddle their daughter.

He interviews the second girl and her story is close to the same. Yes, the other girl threw the 1st punch, but they had squared off in the hall and were challenging each other to a fight.  This is not a case of bullying, of one girl being attacked; these girls were both active participants in this fight.  This is all the information he requires and has soon as he has consent he will be bruising both of their bottoms.  He sends the 2nd girl back out and checks on the progress of the phone call to the parents.  His secretary informs them that she received verbal confirmation to use corporal punishment.  She also throws in the fact that the parent on the phone was quite adamant that her daughter be paddled and made it clear she would get more of the same when she came home.  He would be sure to send her home with a nice sore bottom for her parents to work with.

bruised bottom paddling girl

Getting her bottom bruised for fighting.

School policy requires a same sex witness be present for all paddlings administered in the school.  He calls in the 1st girl and his secretary to witness.  The secretary sits down in a chair in front of the 1st girl, as she is moved to the center of his office and required to bend over and put her hands on her knees.  He is good at his job and takes it very seriously.  He gains no pleasure from paddling teen girl’s bottoms, but he knows that the more effectively he paddles a young lady, that it greatly decreases the chance of her returning to her office. As a result, he paddles every bottom that is presented to him, in a manner that they will never forget.

Once she is in place, he informs her of how many swats she will be

severe school corporal punishment girl cries

The tears come quick from a severe paddling at school

receiving, which in the case of fighting, is always the school allowed maximum, no exceptions.  For any student who has ever been paddled before, being told that she is going to get 10 swats is never good news. The paddle he uses is quite large and is made from heavy oak.  He takes great care in paddling safely and always applies the paddle on the lowest part of their bottoms.  This keeps the heavy wood from hitting their tailbone and has the effect of making a bottom very sore to sit on.  Being that this is the only safe place to hit a bottom with great force, using such a heavy paddle, each and every swat is applied on the exact same spot.  This tends to leave a young lady bruised for several days, with two big bull’s eye bruises on her butt.

teen bottom bruised from school paddling

A 10 swat paddling will leave her teen bottom bruised for days.

He raises the paddle high in the air and swats her bottom full force.  The poor young lady in the lobby can hear every swat, and the girl being paddled reactions, even through the closed office door.  Her bottom starts to tingle as she hears how loud the swats are, knowing she is next.  It just takes one swat before her eyes fill with tears. He hits hard and has a way of getting a girl’s attention right away.  There is no warm-up, it is not hardest at the end.  The fact is, he swings as hard as he can with every swat, from the beginning to the end.  He sees no point in paddling a girl at school if it not going to be the most effective punishment as possible. This is a small community in which corporal punishment is accepted.  In fact, after a 10 year ban on corporal punishment in this school district, it was the parents in the community that lobbied to have it brought back.  He does not have to worry about lawsuits, news reports, and such silliness that plagues other communities; these parents expect their daughters will come home with a bruised bottom if they misbehave at school.  He is never one to disappoint as any girl he paddles will be bruised for days.

He learned long ago to ignore the pleas and cried from the girls he paddles.  A spanking is

teen girl school paddling picture

Feeling the burn of hard swats with a heavy school paddle.

supposed to hurt, they are supposed to cry, and they are supposed to learn a lesson.  Even when a girl is crying her eyes out, after just a few swats, that is not a reason to lighten up, or give them less swats than they earned.  He sees crying as a sign of progress in changing their behavior.  The more they cry, the more they learn.  While tears might be immediate, it is the full ten swats that leads to a bottom being sore for more than just a few hours. He wants them to remember this paddling every time they attempt to sit for the next few days.  He wants sitting to be a painful experience, assuring that the lesson lasts for many days after the actual paddling.

paddled by dad after school paddling

10 swats at school, means 20 at home from dad.

When he has paddled both girls, he makes a phone call to the parents.  He feels if he is going to take the time to paddle someone’s daughter, especially with such severity, that a personal phone call is required.  He wants a girl’s parents to understand exactly what happened, while the girl was in trouble, and the punishment she received.  Parents are much more understanding of a young lady that can’t sit down that night at the dinner table if they get the full story from not just their daughter, but the school principal.  He does not try to sugar coat any of it.  He informs each parent that the girls were fighting, that they both wanted to fight each other and that as result, their bottoms needed to be paddled.  He explains that this school finds fighting to be one of the most unacceptable behaviors in school, as no parent should have to fear their child coming home having been beaten up. He tells them point blank that he paddled their daughters very hard, giving them the maximum number of swats that school policy allows. He tells them that each young lady’s butt will be quite sore for many days and that he is hopeful that this will be enough to change her behavior permanently.

As should be expected in such a small community that utilizes corporal punishment for most

whoopin from mom

Mom gives her daughter a long and hard whoopin for getting paddled at school.

of the children, kids who get punished at school, often get it at home.  This is especially the case when the parents have been called personally by the principal.  They are not reliant on their daughter’s version of what happened, they got the story from the source.  Parents are also not shy about informing the principal about what is going to happen when the young lady gets home.  This is also part of his strategy when calling parents as he feels a punishment is more effective of the parents can be part of the process and that this event is not isolated to the school setting.  One mom lets him know that their policy is not only that if she gets it at school, that she gets it at home…in their house if they get it at school, they get double at home.  It is made very clear that this daughter will be getting 20 from her dad with his paddle.  The other mom is not quite as detailed and simply ends the phone conversation with “I will give her butt a good whoopin the moment she walks in the door…thanks for the call”.

The full ten swat paddling of both of these girls is available in the member’s area of, it is their latest update from Monday, April 8th, 2013. A very serious school paddling that leaves both girls with very bruised bottoms. This is as hard of a school paddling I have seen in a long time and these girls are not acting, they get their bottoms torn up in a very serious manner!

First school paddling, first spanking ever for a high school girl

Brand new to the state and to this school, she was a little out of her comfort zone. She transferred from a liberal school on the West coast, to this very conservative school in the South, midway through her junior year of high school. Her dad had transferred jobs and as much as they hated for her to change schools in the middle of the year, there was no way around it. She found this school to be like a different planet and the fact that they had to wear school uniforms was only half of it. She had never been in a situation in which the teachers were referred to as “Ma’am” and “Sir” and the whole school just had a different feel than she was used to.

This was all emphasized as she looked over the desk at the stern school vice principal who was in the middle of a lecture about cell phones at school. Her phone, which she knew was not allowed at school, went off during her 4th period English class; she had forgotten to silence it. The principal was holding her phone, almost as if it was some of device sent straight from hell, and really laying into her about having it at school. He continually emphasized that this was not California, and such nonsense was not allowed in the walls of “HIS” school. The lecture seemed to drone on forever and she could not believe what a big deal he was making of it.

After a few minutes of him reading her the riot act, she finally started to just zone out. At some point in his lecture he asked her a question, but she had already let her mind wander, so she did not even realize her was actually asking her something as opposed to the endless lecture. This, along with the cell phone, infuriated him to no end. His voice became quite loud as he asked her if he was keeping her from something as he did not seem to have her attention. She just wanted him to shut up already and give her the detention she knew was probably coming. He finally told her that he knew a way to get her attention and to keep to keep it for at least a few minutes, as he opened his bottom desk drawer and pulled out a paddle and placed it on his desk in front of her.

At 1st, it did not even register with her what it was for. It did not scare her, it did not even make her nervous, and she simply was unable to process that it was a paddle for spanking. She grew up in a home where corporal punishment was never used, having not been spanked one time in her life. None of her close friends had really ever been spanked. As far as she knew, spanking did not really exist much anymore in the world, she thought it was an outdated parenting concept from the 1950’s. He certainly did not get the reaction he was looking for when he took out the paddle and just assumed she must be spanked often enough at home that a paddling was not something foreign to her. He then informed her that she would get 6 swats of the paddle for the cell phone and 4 additional swats for lack of attention in his office.

It took her several seconds before what he said sank in, and then she responded with “wait…what”? He asked her what part she did not understand. Now much more nervously, as reality began to set in, she asked him what he meant by a swat. He saw that he finally had her attention. He explained, that is what not a swat, but SWATS, that she would be receiving, but she still seemed confused. He finally broke it down into terms she could understand, “young lady, you and I will be walking to the room next door, you will bend over and grab your ankles, and I will spank your bottom 10 times with this paddle for you having a cell phone and for your lack of attention and respect in my office”. He continued, “We use corporal punishment in this school whenever it is required. Your butt will be paddled good and hard and it will teach you a lesson about cell phones in school and the proper attitude you need to be successful in this school. Do you now understand the words that I am saying”?

school girl paddling

Bending over for the first paddling of her life.

For the 1st time in 5 minutes, she grasped the full magnitude of the situation. She could not believe what he just said, or what it seemed was about to happen. She did not know that they could spank student in school. She once again looked at the paddle on the desk and began to tremble; now he saw the reaction he was looking for. Before she could process it any further, he stood up, grabbed the paddle, and asked her to follow him to the conference room next door. Almost on autopilot she followed him into the next room, she was having trouble processing everything that was now going on around her. They walked into the room, he told her to stand in the middle of the room, assume a wide stance, and to bend over and grab her ankles. She did not know if it was his attitude, his authoritative presence, or the wooden paddle in his hand, but she did as she was told without question. Just 5 minutes before she was hoping he would just shut up and quit talking, now she was standing before him, grabbing her ankles, with only her school uniform skirt protecting her teen bottom from what was about to happen.

teen girl school swats

The 1st swat of her life hits her teen bottom.

She waited with her hands on her ankles as he leaned against the wall and filled out some paperwork. She tried to convince herself that it would not be that bad, but she had no frame of reference. The only spanking she had ever seen or heard of was maybe a toddler getting a smack on the diaper from mommy, the concept of an almost fully grown woman, grabbing her ankles, about to get 10 swats of a paddle from a man she had met ten minutes ago, was almost too much for her to wrap her head around. He finally set the clipboard down, picked up the paddle, and moved into position behind her. He once again told her that she would get 10 swats with the paddle. He explained that it was important to stay as still as possible and to not let her hands get in the way. He told her that the paddling would be very hard, that is going to hurt a lot, but it was best for her development and to assure her success as a student in this school. He went on to tell her that he felt that if he did his very best to make this paddling as memorable as he could for her, that it would probably be the only time she was ever in his office. He explained that he wanted her to think about this moment every time she sat for the next few days and remember that it was her behavior that caused her bottom to be so sore. He asked her if she was ready and then the paddle raised high into the air

school girl paddling on her teen bottom

A ten swat paddling for the school girl in a skirt.

These scenes come from very real school paddling videos filmed for the member’s area of in which girls receive very real and very severe paddlings, strappings, and canings in full school girl uniforms.

Sent to the coach for a hard school paddling

She is a science teacher at the high school, and science is her love and her passion.  This somehow led to her also teaching health to the 10-12th graders at the school.  At some point, she was asked to take over one hour of PE a day for the senior girls.  She was not thrilled about it, but she is a team player.  It is general PE, so she is not coaching a sport, just basically organizing activities to keep these 17-18 year old girls, who have chosen not to compete in athletics, active for an hour a day.  She learned early on that these girls want to be there even less than she does.

coach school corporal punishment

Presenting her teen bottom, in gym shorts, for a hard paddling from the coach.

All the coaches seem to utilize paddling in this school, even the PE coaches.  She went a full semester without ever using the paddle, she just did not see it as an effective form of discipline.  She would just send any offending girl to the school principal, but quickly saw that this did not seem to be a deterrent of any kind.  After a semester of dealing with these young ladies, she finally decided that she would give paddling a try.  She was told that the woodshop teacher would build her a paddle, which she had him do.  She quickly found out that she was not very good at giving a paddling.  She herself had never played sports and she could not swing the paddle with any force.  The girls that she tried to paddle, pretty much laughed in her face when it was over.  Now she had a paddle and it was even a less of a deterrent than sending them to the office.

hard school paddling from the coach

A male coach paddles her teen bottom hard.

She expressed her problems one day to a male coach in the teacher’s lounge, almost hoping he would give her pointers on how to paddle better.  He informed her that during her 5th period PE class, that he had his conference period, and was generally free.  He told her to simply send any offending girls to find him during her class and he would see to it that her discipline problems would be over in just a couple of weeks.  She was quite relieved that not only would she not have to paddle anymore, but someone who was known to be quite effective at it, would take care of her problems for her.

paddled at school

With her bottom properly presented, he teaches her a very real lesson with a school paddle.

It only took a few times of sending a girl to find the coach for discipline to improve in her PE class.  When a girl would misbehave, act up, or refuse to participate, the problem became quite simple to deal with.  There were no pink slips or paperwork, she would simply tell the girl to go to the coach’s office and find the coach that she had the agreement with.  “Just tell him I sent you to be paddled” she would say, almost with a smile on her face.  The 1st time she ever said it, it got every girl in the gyms attention. The naughty high school senior would have to walk to the area where the male coaching staff had their offices, find the coach, and basically ask for a paddling.

teen school paddling

All the girls will see her bruised bottom when she changes in the locker room.

He never inquired about a young lady’s offenses, he simply told them to wait in the hall and that he would be out to paddle her in a moment.  He knew how hard to was to be a new coach, especially for PE, and his goal was to make this shy science teacher’s job much easier.  He knew that after he busted the bottoms of a few young ladies that the word would spread in PE and the problem would be solved.  He would grab his paddle and head out into the hall.  There was very little discussion, he just told her to bend over and put her hands on the wall.  Generally he would give a specific amount of swats based on the offense, but in this case, he was trying to eliminate a problem with an entire class.  Those 1st few girls sent his way really paid the price for everyone.  He paddled each of those 1st few girls like they were guys on his football team.  He swung as hard as he could and lifted them onto their toes with each swat.  He gave the full 10 swats he was allowed and made sure to send the PE teacher a crying and sore young lady.  It was amazing the change in behavior when the male football coach walks a crying girl back into the gym with a paddle tucked under his arm.  If that was not enough of a deterrent, as each girl sneaked a peek of the punished girl’s bruised bottom while she changed in the locker room, they all vowed to be on their best behavior.

The above animations are from a very real school paddling administered in the member’s area of

A bare bottom is not required to teach a lesson with a school paddling.

teen school corporal punishment paddling

A hard school paddling on her bare butt shows the real affects on a teen bottom, regardless of clothing worn.

In reality, 99% of modern day school paddlings take place over some form of clothing.  Most typically, a high school girl wears tight jeans to school and this is the most common way for a teen girl to be paddled at school.  There are certainly many cases in which a young lady may find herself being paddled over a short skirt, assuming the school dress code allows such attire. There are also cheerleaders who find themselves being paddled in their cheer uniform on game day and young ladies paddled over shorts when sent to the office during PE or athletics.

The days of schoolgirls being paddled on the bare bottom are long gone and this probably never happened in a public school environment.  There were certainly strict boarding schools or private Catholic schools, prior to 1970, in which it was not unheard of for a young lady to be required to raise her skirt and lower her

teen girl paddle swats at school

Hard paddle swats compress her bottom and leave it bruised.

panties for some bare bottom school corporal punishment.  But as far as I know, this is certainly a thing of the past.

But when we examine the concept of school corporal punishment, especially regarding a young lady receiving a hard paddling, what does clothing really add to the situation?  Now if we are discussing a young woman getting her bottom spanked by her mom at home, with a hand, the difference between bare bottom and clothes is like night and day.  A handspanking hurts as a result of the sting that it provides to a girl’s bottom.  Having her remove her pants and panties turns a partially effective spanking into a decent one.  A good comparison is clapping your hands together, as hard as you can, with gloves on.  There is really no sting to your hands when you clap with gloves on, but if you do the same thing, as hard as you can, your hands are burning in no time.  A handspanking is made much more effective when you remove the barrier between the hand and the bottom.  However, a handspanking is rarely effective once it is complete as the sting goes away and there are no long lasting results to teach a further lesson.

school principal paddle

A real school principal showing the paddle she uses on her student’s bottoms.

School corporal punishment never takes place with the hand, it is almost exclusively administered in this country with a wooden paddle.  If you follow the online news regarding school paddlings, when you see a picture of an administrator holding the paddle they actually use, it is rarely a little paddle.  We are generally talking about large boards, sometimes a thick as 1”, which are constructed to achieve maximum results over clothing.  With paddles such as these, the clothing worn does not affect the punishment at all.  The sting factor is not much of an issue as a paddle is designed to hit with a heavy thud.  Unlike a handspanking, a school paddling is not designed to simply sting a young lady’s bottom.  Yes, there will be a strong burning sensation that she will feel with each swat of the paddle.  The skin certainly feels the wood being applied to it, but it is the tissue below her skin, being compressed, that really creates the sensations that are desired when punishing a young lady’s bottom with a paddle.

We can see in the animations included in this post the real effects of a hard paddling on a

school paddling

A hard school paddling produces results/

young lady’s butt.  When a heavy wooden paddle is swung properly, with the intention of teaching a very real lesson, her entire butt is compressed under the force of the heavy wooden board.  Her skin ripples, and moves away from the paddle, as it digs deep into the muscles of her bottom.  With a hard paddle swat, you see the skin ripple down her legs and up her lower back.  When the paddle is lifted for the next swat, you can see the bruises already forming.  This takes place regardless of what she is wearing.  This cotton panties and a layer of denim does nothing to protect her teen bottom from the force of a good paddling. She can be wearing a skirt with pleats, spandex gym shorts, or pants, it does not matter, she will learn a lesson from her paddling.

These bare bottom school paddling scenes come from