School Corporal Punishment with a Paddle


High school girls waiting for their severe paddling

It was her 1st assistant principal at the high school level.  She had come up as an elementary teacher and then eventually achieved her Master’s degree in education, which finally led to a VP job at a small middle school.  After four years as a middle school vice principal she finally was offered the same position at a high school one county over.  Her goal was to become the school’s principal so this was a good step for her. The middle school she came from, while in the same city, did not use corporal punishment.  It was legal in the state, but each district set its own rules.  As the female vice principal her primary duty was to deal with discipline issues for the 10th-12th girls.  She knew coming in that corporal punishment was widely used in this school, but only the VP’s could administer it.  She had no issues with corporal punishment; in fact all of her children had been spanked at some point in their lives.  One thing she did know was that she was not very good at applying it.  Her husband was the primary spanker in their home as she just did not seem to be very effective with it.  She had found out that the previous female VP handled corporal punishment herself and used it very often.

paddling high school girl

The 1st of five girls about to receive a severe paddling from the coach.

She wanted to make her reputation from day one and certainly did not want to come across as soft.  Her goal was to deal with discipline issues effectively and to reduce the amount of girls that found their way into her office.  She knew that a paddling from her would not really make the impression that she was looking for so she explored her options.  She looked into the details of the district’s corporal punishment policy and found that teachers were not allowed to apply corporal punishment in the classroom, but were not completely restricted from its use.  A teacher could paddle a student in the presence of a school administrator.  She asked around and no one could recall this ever happening as both the male and the female VPs had always handled the paddling of students.  Something else that she discovered in the policy was that it was not mandatory for a female administrator to paddle a female student, but instead a “same sex witness” was required if a member of the opposite sex was being paddled.  Armed with this new information, she formulated a plan.

teen high school girl tears from paddling

Bending over and presenting her bottom and she has no idea what she is in for…she will be in tears after just one swat.

She approached the male baseball coach, as he was as big an intimidating of a teacher as there was on campus.  She explained to him the corporal punishment policy and also let him know that her plan had been approved by the school principal. She proposed to him that in all instances in which she needed to sentence corporal punishment, that she did so, but delayed the punishment until the end of the week.  She did not want to have to call him to her office every time a female student needed to be paddled.  Instead, every Friday, during his conference period, she would summon all offenders to her office at which time he would join them.  With her serving as the same sex witness, she would simply call in each girl one at a time, and he would give them a hard paddling.  He asked her to clarify what she meant by a “hard paddling” and she informed him that she wanted him to smack their bottoms as hard as he could as her goal was for the word to spread and discipline issues in her office to be cut by 50% in the 1st month.  She explained that many girls’ poor bottoms would pay the price, but as a result, many would be spared, as once the word spread amongst the female student population as to who was actually doing the paddling, she speculated that girls would be giving second thoughts to any behavior that would land them in the office.  He told her that he would be happy to assist in any way she needed in her “spanking assembly line experiment”.

high school paddling paddle breaks

The coach paddles her bottom as hard as he can and breaks the paddle with the very 1st swat…a larger paddle will be required.

The 1st week of school went about as she expected which led to many young ladies in her office.  There were always those new 10th graders making the adjustments to high school that were just goofing off and thinking they could get away with their juvenile behavior.  There were a couple of dress code violations as it was still warm out and girls were trying to get away with short shorts.  There was a two girl fight that seemed to be carried over from the previous year.  She had one smoker, a few excessive tardies, and several girls who had skipped a class or two.  In general, it was not that far different from her what she had dealt with at middle school.  She was not a total hard ass and dealt with the issues as fairly as she could.  Several girls received detention, a couple were sent home to change and also received detention, two girls spent their lunch hour cleaning the girl’s restroom, and various other minor punishments were assigned.  Her smoker, the girls who had skipped class, and the girls who fought were all told they would be paddled.  She was a little surprised at their reactions to the fact that they were to be paddled, as it did not seem to bother the girls all that much.  Either they were used to it, got it at home often, or just did not see this VP as much of a threat with a paddle in her hand.  They were all a little surprised when they were told to report to her office at the beginning of 3rd period on Friday, but with the exception of that bit of information, they seemed to take it in stride.

severe high school paddling

With the new paddle in hand he gives her a second severe swat. She does a little dance as her body is telling her to run…but she has 6 more severe swats to go.

On Friday morning she sent reminders to all of the girls’ 3rd period teachers that the girls would be late for class, or if they showed up for class, they were to report to the office immediately. In preparation she lined up 5 chairs outside her office door for each girl to wait in.  After the second period ending bell, the girls started filing in.  She instructed the secretary to have them take a seat and wait.  They tried to laugh and joke a little, showing each other that they were not scared, while a couple were indeed quite nervous.  Even with the new female VP administering the paddling, getting their butts spanked with a board did indeed hurt.  But for the most part they were happy to not have to spend their time after school in detention and this was a much quicker and easier way to get their punishment over with.  A few minutes after the 3rd period bell rang all of the girls were in their seats waiting.

teen school spanking

One girl properly paddled and sent back out, while the next is brought in…four more butts to go.

The smiles and giggles turned to confusion when the big baseball coach arrived and walked into the VP’s office.  They began to look at each other, but convinced themselves that he was there for an unrelated reason.  A few minutes later, her office door opened and she appeared with a clipboard in hand.  She called in the 1st girl and each girl shared a look as they realized the coach had not come back out.  The 1st girl was shocked as she walked in and saw that the coach was holding a large wooden school paddle.  The VP looked at the girl’s discipline slip and reminded her, and the coach, what the offense was.  She announced that the girl would be getting 8 swats with the paddle.  She had taped a line on the floor and asked the student, the one who had been caught smoking, to put her toes on the line and to bend over and place her hands on the wall.  This student was in 10th grade and brand new to the high school system.  She thought that smoking would be cool and she was about to find out in a very serious manner that there was nothing cool regarding what was about to happen.  The coach and the VP changed places and he lined up behind the girl whose bottom was properly presented for her paddling.  The coach asked if he should close the door and the VP told him that she had an open door policy.  She wanted everyone, including those about to be paddled, to hear what happens in her office when a student’s butt is being paddled.

school swats for a teen girl

He has her adjust her position so her bottom is nice and tight and feels the full effect of very hard swats.

While the VP was not doing the paddling, she needed to emphasize that she was fully in control of these proceedings.  She asked the coach to begin and stated that all eight swats needed to be “very hard” as she see smoking in school as a very big problem.  He gave her a little smile and said “yes ma’am”.  He liked this new VP and did not want to disappoint.  His 1st inclination would not to have been to go full force on this little sophomore’s bottom, but he was thankful that there was an administrator who was willing to finally deal with a growing discipline problem in the school.  Things had been the same for a very long time and he was happy to be part of the change.  With the thought if making a real difference he lifted the paddle high in the air and brought it down as hard as he could swing.  The sound was almost deafening in the tiny cinderblock office, even the girls outside waiting to be paddled jumped a little in their seats.  Two things happened simultaneously as the paddle hit her tight little bottom.  The first was the sound of her screaming at the top of her lungs and the second was the paddle breaking in half.  Both he and the VP looked at each other as to ask “what now”.  She quickly hurried to the male VP’s office and asked if she could borrow his paddle.  The boys paddle was a little thicker and should not have the same issue.  She walked back to her office and the look on the faces of the young ladies waiting to be paddled was much different that they had been 3 minutes before.  She smiled and told them that she was sorry for the delay, but that they would get their bottoms paddled in just a few minutes.

teen bottom paddled

He does not go easy on her and gives her teen bottom a paddling she will never forget.

She walked back into her office and the girl was still in place, but with tears streaming down her face.  It seemed that 1st swat had really gotten the job done, seven more would certainly make the impression she was looking to leave.  She handed the coach the thicker paddle and said “7 more, just like the 1st one please”.  He took the paddle and got back to work.  After the 2nd swat she yelled just a loudly and began to tremble.  Her legs shook back and forth, almost like she was running in place.  Her body was telling her to run but she knew she had no choice to suffer through 6 more severe swats to her already bruised bottom.  The rest of the paddle swats were laid on fairly quickly.  She screamed after each one and her crying grew louder.  The sounds coming from the office had a big impact on the girl’s waiting in the chairs for their turn.  They could not believe how loud the paddling was, they also could not believe how badly the 10th grade girl was crying.  The two girls who had been fighting both knew they had ten swats coming and they were really starting to sweat it.  One of the girls who had skipped a class was already in tears.  She still got the belt on occasion at home from her dad, and it was never more than four or five strokes.  There had not been a single strapping from her dad’s belt that did not leave her in tears and she wondered how she was going to react to the paddling she was listening to at the moment.  She had not even had her turn and she was already promising herself and God that she would never miss another class.

students paddled

Two bruised bottoms, three more students still need to be paddled.

When the 1st paddling was complete, she had the poor girl, who was sobbing uncontrollably stand up and go right back out and sit down.  Before she had even left the office she called the next girl in.  The three girls in the chairs could not even look at her as she sat down and buried her face in her hands.  Her crying would last long after all the paddlings had been completed.  One by one the process was the same as each girl was given a severe paddling and then sent back out to the main office to sit until all of the paddlings were complete.  Each and every girl cried, there was really no avoiding it with a paddling of that intensity.  Five girls in and five girls out, all in tears, and all with very bruised bottoms.  When she had five very tearful girls in the chairs outside her office she walked out and told them all that this was the new reality in the school.  She explained that she understands that they are teens and that they are going to push the boundaries a bit, but it needed to be clear that this would always be the results.  She asked them to all tell their friends because this was the paddling that every female student could expect for misbehavior.  With that said she sent the tearful girls back to the 3rd period class.  She thanked the coach and told him how very much she appreciated his assistance.  She then returned the paddle and walked down to the woodshop.  She took the broken paddle with her and explained the problem she was having.  She told him that she needed a paddle that was a little bit bigger, quite a bit thicker, and made from a harder wood.  She said it would get less and less use over the next semester but that she wanted to be prepared for the worst case scenario.  Three months later as she prepared for a Friday paddling, she only had to pull one chair in front of her office and it was the 1st paddling in three weeks.



Video of cheerleaders being paddled at school

An amazing update this week at If you are a fan of school paddling videos, this week’s update will blow your mind. Two girl, both under the age of 20 bend over for a very real school paddling video you will never forget. They are forced to turn around, flip up their little cheer skirts and are paddled on their cheer spanky shorts. This is a hard school paddling video and when it is over you can see that the lowest parts of their bottoms are black and blue. One of the girls is in tears before it is all over. One of the best school paddling videos I have seen in quite some time…only at Here is a small sample:

school paddling video

Highlights from a school paddling video in which two cheerleaders get a very hard paddling.

school paddling video real

This cheerleader end up crying from her paddling in this school video.

real school paddling video

The second girl gets 10 severe swats in this school paddling video.

school paddling videos real

The bruises on their bottoms demonstrate how real this school paddling video is.

Exclusive school paddling video courtesy of



Celebrating the beauty of the 18 year old bottom…about to receive a school paddling

When an 18 year old high school senior girl finds herself in trouble, it takes much professionalism from the person tasked with paddling her bottom. Let’s be honest, the person before him is now a legal adult. She is also a fully developed woman at an age in which her full beauty is obvious. This is also an age in which young women know the power they have over men. They are aware of their bodies and the attention they attract. They purposely dress in skin tight jeans and like to show off their still teenage bottoms. Even school administrators are not immune to the attractiveness of an 18 year old girl. But school administrators need to conduct themselves in a very professional manner when it comes to a school paddling. It is an unusual situation to be in, that allows them to tell a legal adult that her bottom is going to be spanked. He has a unique power in that once she is informed that she is going to be spanked, he has the control to tell her to assume a position that not only highlights her perfect little bottom, but has her actually present it to him.

There is really no other situation in a professional workplace that this ever takes place. Here is a young lady before him that in any other situation it would be inappropriate to even turn and look at her bottom as she walked by. But as a result of her behavior, he is now in a position to tell her to turn around and grab her ankles. He is actually removing almost all of her body from the equation and making it all about her ass. It gets even more surreal in that he now has this perfect bottom being presented to him and his job is to provide as much pain and discomfort to it as he can. What in almost all other circumstances is seen as a thing of beauty is now being viewed as a vessel for learning. He is forced to remove himself from the reality of the world for a moment and use this teen bottom as a means to teach a lesson. It is indeed her behavior that has created this moment and he needs to do his best to capitalize on this situation. It is his job to see to it that, for the next several days, this beautiful bottom feels pain. This beautiful canvas needs to be painted black and blue. She may be 18, with a perfect ass in a tight pair of jeans, but it is time for him to get to work, this teen butt needs to be paddled and it needs to be paddled hard.

Here is a gallery celebrating the beauty of a perfect 18 year old bottom in jeans…about to be paddled at school.

The principal paddles the girls in the hallway for all of the students to hear

school paddling in the hall

Pulled from class to be paddled in the hall.

As schools rarely allow a student to be punished in front of other students, it is not very common for a paddling to be administered in a public manner where other students are able to watch.  However, this is not to say that when a young lady finds herself getting licks at school, that it is not an event that other students are aware of.  Some principals take advantage of the public aspect of a school paddling to add to the overall effectiveness of the punishment.  It is one thing for a girl to get paddled in the privacy of the principal’s office where no one is even aware she was paddled, but it becomes a far different experience when other students are very aware of her paddling.

There are many school principals that never paddle in their office and instead choose to do it in the school hallway.  One of the main purposes of this is the added embarrassment of everyone in school knowing that a girl has been paddled.  She might be able to suck it up and take a paddling, regardless of how much it hurts, but it is quite embarrassing when other students in the school not only know that she was paddled, but in many cases are able to hear it.  Add to this whole concept the fact that after she is paddled in the hallway, she is sent right back into class.  When she is paddled in the office, she is often able to have a few minutes to get back to class.  This allows her to stop in the school restroom and compose herself.  She is able to wipe away the tears, fix her makeup, and with the exception of her sore and bruised bottom that only she is aware of, no one in the classroom even knows why she came into class late.  There are no visible signs that she just bent over, grabbed her ankles, and had her teen bottom spanked at school.

In contrast to the above method of applying corporal punishment at school, there are those

school paddling video real

Everyone is going to hear the paddling she is about to receive.

principals that have a young lady in their office and tell her that she is indeed going to be paddled and that he will track her down later to administer it.  First of all, this creates much stress and anxiety for the student as she does not know when and where she will be paddled.  This is an effective disciplinary tool as it gives her a lot more time to think about what she did and what the results will be.  As a student at this school, she must be quite aware that when he does paddle her butt, it will be done during one of her classes.  She is horrified to think that during any given class that the door might open and she will be called out in the hall.  Her best friends might be in that class, even her boyfriend might be there when that fateful moment arrives.

She spends her day focused on how bad the paddling will be.  She is also focused on what class she will be in and who will be listening to her paddling in the hallway.  It has probably also occurred to her that she may cry during her paddling and will be sent right back in to class.  It is one thing for the news to spread around the school that she got spanked, but to be that girl who comes back into class, actively crying, that memory takes a while to fade.  But this is one of the things that make a school paddling, done in this public sort of way, quite effective.  The decision process about breaking school rules is altered if it is not just about her

real school paddling picture

The principal pulls her from class for a school paddling that all of the students will hear.

bottom being bruised.  She needs to consider all the variables before making a decision to misbehave.  Not wanting to be an older teen girl, getting a spanking with a big paddle, where all her friends can hear, and then be sent right back into class, can be quite a motivator for good behavior.

But for that unfortunate girl that misbehaves and is sentenced a paddling, all she can do is wait.  The principal is easily able to look up her class schedule and track her down at whatever point in the day he feels is best.  With his paddle in hand he walks to her classroom and knocks on the door as he opens it.  He politely asks the teacher if he can borrow Miss whoever for a few minutes.  She turns bright red the moment the door opens and the principal appears with a large wooden paddle in his hand.  The moment her name is announced every eye in the room locks onto her.  She knew it was coming, but it is far more embarrassing than she ever could have imagined.  She slowly walks to the door as everyone watches closely.  All of the guys that have ever admired her teen butt in those tight jeans now have an image of her bending over and getting it spanked.  The door closes and while the teacher would like to keep on teaching, she knows from experience that not one student will be focused on the lesson of the day until the paddling is complete.  Every ear in the room is hyper focused on the sounds in the hallway waiting to hear that first crack of the paddle on her bottom.  A few of the students feel sorry for her, but most of them are slightly entertained at the thought of a 17 year old girl getting a spanking at school.

teen school paddling video

Brought into the hall, presenting her bottom, and now for her paddling.

Once she leaves the class and goes into the hallway he is all business.  Her transgressions have already been covered and she knows why she is going to be paddled.  He might remind her of how many swats she is getting, but that is it as far as formalities.  She is then required to assume the position for her paddling.  Some principals prefer for a young lady to bend over and put her hands on the wall or lockers, others require a student to bend over with her hands on her knees or grabbing her ankles.  Regardless of the position, once her bottom is properly presented to be paddled, it is time to begin.  What makes this paddling so very different from one that takes place in his office is that he is not only paddling her butt to teach her a lesson, as he knows this paddling is going to be heard in at least 5-6 classrooms that are on that same hallway.  He is about to send a message to every student to be on their best behavior.  A gentle little paddling in this situation would only encourage bad behavior; he needs as many students as possible to hear exactly what happens when their butts are literally in trouble.

With the motivation to teach her a very real lesson and to send a message throughout the school,

Getting paddled at school

Her school paddling begins.

he raises that paddle and brings it down in a way that she will always remember.  With the tile floors and only lockers lining the wall, the sound explodes through the hallway, reverberating in a very loud manner.  For those students that are not in her classroom, whatever they were doing stops instantly.  Now the ears of 100+ students are focused on the sounds outside their class.  At this school all the students know exactly what this sound means.  As hard as he swats her butt with the paddle, the 1st thing every student hears after the crack of the paddle is the sound of her learning.  Even while being paddled in a somewhat public setting, as had as she tried, she cannot withhold the sounds of pain from being paddled.  With every swat she lets out a gasp, a bit of a shriek, which quickly leads to the sound of sobbing.  Any student in a classroom close to where she is being paddled quickly realizes that it is a girl that is being paddled.

school girl paddled

Taken right back to class after her paddling with tears still in her eyes.

After 8 very hard swats to her teen butt, the echo of the last swat dies down and all that can be heard is sobbing.  Unfortunately for her, the public aspect of her paddling is not over.  He knows that many students just heard 1st hand what a real school paddling sounds like, but now it is time to show at least some of them.  She does not get time to calm down or compose herself as he tells her to stand up.  At this point she is not even focused on who just heard her paddling or the fact that she is crying, all she can think about is how much her bottom hurts.  She grabs her butt and tries to rub away the pain, but it does not do any good.  He tells her she needs to get back to class and walks over and opens the door for her.  With tears still running down her face and her makeup smeared around her eyes, she walks back into the classroom, still holding her bruised bottom.  She is pulled away from the pain for a moment as she once again sees every eye in the room looking directly at her.  Her friends look embarrassed for her, but more than half of the class seems to be smiling.  As loud as it was, as upset as she clearly is, the truth is that they find it amusing when a cute girl gets her perfect little teen bottom spanked at school.

The principal apologizes to the teacher for the distraction, excuses himself, and closes the door.

teen girl school paddling

A bruised bottom and a lesson learned.

She walks to her desk and a few can’t help but giggle as she winces in pain as she sits down.  Still crying from the pain her bottom feels, and now from the full embarrassment she is experiencing, she buries her head in her arms on her desk and continues to cry.  When the bell rings and class is over, there is a certain buzz in the hallway as students from other classrooms gather trying to find out who was paddled.  It does not take a detective to notice the tear stained face of one particular girl, plus everyone in her class is already spreading the word.  She takes a moment in the bathroom to clean herself up and to fix her makeup before her next class.  As she walks to her next class she hears the whispers and she sees the occasional person pointing at her.  As she walks into her next class, once again, every eye in the room goes right to her.  She walks to her desk and once again winces as she sits down.  The giggles begin again and she buries her face in her hands and begins to gently sob all over again.

All pictures and animation come from the school paddling videos that are part of the

A very sore bottom from a school paddling

bruised bottom from a school paddling

A very bruised bottom a few hours after a hard school paddling.

It generally happens a couple hours after a girl has had her bottom paddled at school.  Getting her butt paddled is certainly a very painful event, but at some point during, or shortly after, her paddling, the body starts to take care of things.  Extreme pain is combated by the body by the production of endorphins.  The body is an amazing thing and sometimes during a paddling a teen girl’s bottom might actually go numb as a result of endorphins.  She wipes away the tears and heads back to class and there is a point that she might think that it is not as bad as she thought it was going to be.  Yes it hurt, yes she cried, but now, 10 minutes after, her butt seems to be doing ok.

Endorphins combat immediate pain but they do not last forever.  Generally after about 30 minutes they start to wear off.  She might be sitting in a hard wooden desk in class when the sensations start to return.  The numbness gives way to a gentle tingling, which in itself is not so bad.  Slowly this tingling gives way to a localized throbbing and starts to

bruised bottom from a school paddling

The real results of a hard school paddling are quite clear.

become what can only described as pain.  After an hour or so after her paddling, the throbbing really builds and starts to consume her thoughts.  She realizes that it might indeed be as bad as she thought and as time passes, it becomes much worse than she expected.

By the time several hours have passed she begins to realize that her punishment is not over and that it is really just beginning.  To go along with the throbbing the muscles in her bottom begin to really tighten up.  It is like she had the longest glut workout of her life and every muscle in her bottom is rebelling.  She realizes that simple tasks such as walking, bending, and most especially sitting, cause her great discomfort.  By the time she gets home from school that day she is in more pain than she was just moments after the paddling.

teen school paddling bruises

Checking her bottom in the mirror after her school paddling.

That night she takes a look in the mirror and sees that the bruises have already begun to take shape.  Her bottom is black and blue, especially on the right butt cheek.  She has big bulls eye marks on the bottom of each butt cheek where the paddle compressed her skin, dug deep into her muscles, and then the waves spread out from there.  At this point it is not just movement of those muscles that felt the paddle, or sitting that provides discomfort, it now fully exists all of the time. Her little butt throbs with every beat of her heart and there is a pounding that she feels all of the time.

When she goes to bed that night, she realizes that she will be sleeping on her side or her stomach, and that lying on her back is not an option.  Her poor bottom aches all of the time, but now putting any pressure on it is out of the question.  She tosses and turns all night long as her aching butt wakes her up every few minutes.  When she gets out of bed the next morning it is like every muscle in her

school paddling bruises butt

Sleeping in her side with nothing touching her bottom after a very hard school paddling.

butt has seized up.  It takes a few moments before she can even commit to the 1st step.  She finds herself squatting over the toilet to pee as there is not a chance that her butt could handle the hard seat.  As she showers she does not even really touch her butt, it is far too sore for a wash cloth to be rubbed on it.  The tight jeans that she typically wears are not an option as she elects to wear lose fitting sweat pants.  The ride to school is brutal, even on the padded seats of her mom’s car and she feels every bump in the road.

She arrives at school and quickly finds out that as bad as all of this has been for her that it is now that her real punishment begins.  The bell rings and she hurries to class and then has to sit down at the hard wooden seat of a high school desk.  She has no choice but to sit as class has started.  She winces in pain as her bottom touches the seat, within a minute she is trying to hide the tears in her eyes from her classmates.

Hard school paddling videos…short shorts and yoga pants

When a young lady gets in trouble in high school, she is not really able to choose when she gets paddled or even what she

teen school paddling video

The effects of the paddle are clear.

is wearing.  There are many students who are sent to the office during gym class, cheer practice, or during any other school activity in which they have changed from their regular school clothes.

On this week’s update at  and they play off of this exact theme.  At we see a young lady caught smoking after cheer practice and she is sent to the principal wearing the tiny little practice uniforms that we often see cheerleaders wearing when they are not in the full uniforms.  She takes one hell of a paddling on her tiny teen butt and as a result of her short shorts, we can actually see the bruises forming low on her bottom.  He uses a giant paddle and you have to wonder how such a small girl can take such a hard paddling.  I kid you not, this is a very intense, hard hitting paddling video that is not to be missed.

teen paddling videos at school

Paddled hard on her short shorts and you can see the bruises forming on her bottom.

school paddling video

You can see the bruises on her teen bottom through her yoga pants.

On, I really loved this scene as well.  It mixes a couple of things we rarely see in school paddling videos.  The 1st is the fact that she is wearing skin tight, white, yoga pants that are so shear, you can actually see how bad the paddle is bruising her bottom through her pants.  Look closely at the picture and you can see big purple marks on her bottom, through her pants.  This scene is also quite unique in that she is paddled in the “lunge position”.  I have read of true accounts in which schools have utilized this position for a paddling, and here we get to see it actually take place.  As with the previous scene, this is a full force paddling, with a giant wooden paddle, that lifts her off of her feet with each swat of the paddle.

school paddling video

Getting her bottom paddled at school in the lunge position.

These are not playful little paddlings for those of you looking for fun spanking videos.  This is real, honest to goodness, hard hitting school corporal punishment.  These are not spankings designed to leave a bottom pink, these are severe paddling videos that leave a teen girl’s bottom black and blue.  These scenes are from this week’s updates to and and are exclusive to these sites.  Enjoy!

A hard and fast paddling for a high school girl

Some principals and administrators make a school paddling a long drawn out experience for the young lady in trouble.  There is a long discussion about her behavior, there is a decent amount of time she has to sit in the office before the paddling takes place, and the paddling itself can last a few minutes.  Each swat is applied to her bottom, with 20-30 seconds in between, allowing the pain to fully set in, and making it an experience she will never forget.

teen high school girl paddling

It is hard for her focus to not be on the paddle that is about to be used to spank her teen bottom at school.

There are those that paddle at school that just try to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible.  They believe that any second a student is not in the classroom to be a valuable waste of the time needed to educate these young ladies.  As a result, when a student is in their office for disciplinary issues, they want the turnaround time to be as fast as possible.  This method can be just as effective, especially in a school in which there is basically a line to the principal’s office on a very regular basis.

teen high school girl paddled

Scared of the paddling she is about to receive, she has no choice to bend over and take what she has earned.

high school girl paddled by the principal

Presenting her bottom for what will be a very hard and fast paddling from the Principal.

The whole process of paddling a young lady’s bottom in high school can take place within about 5 minutes.  Clearly he needs to look into why she was sent to the office in the 1st place, needs to read what the teacher has put on the referral, and hear the student’s side of things.  He needs to check her records and see what sort of trouble she has been in before.  Once this process is complete he decides on a course of action.  At this point he tells her that she is going to receive a paddling.  Most schools require a corporal punishment form to be filled out, which can be done in a minute.  While things are moving along quickly, that minute between the time she is told she is going to be paddled and while he fills out the form, can be seem like a very long time.  She has just enough time to consider the fact that the paddle hanging on the wall is going to be used to bust her butt.

teen girl paddled at school

No break between swats to her teen bottom, she gets all six swats hard and fast.

Once the administrative stuff is taken care of, he wastes no time.  He tells her to stand up, approach the desk, and to bend over.  He grabs the paddle off of the wall, walks up behind her, and gets right to work.  Unlike many principals, his technique is to spank her bottom with the paddle as fast as he can.  He does not sacrifice technique, accuracy, or most importantly, severity when paddling her bottom, he simply chooses to get it over with as fast as possible.  His technique is not to lay on a swat, let it sink it, give her a moment for the tears to start; it is over almost as fast as it began.

hard paddling for teen high school girl

After 6 very fast swats, her knees buckle as the pain sets in.

This tends to create a different reaction for the teen girl paddled in such a manner.  Instead of struggling throughout the whole paddling, it all happens at once.  The 1st hard swat to her bottom takes her breath away and it is over before she finds her next breath.  This does however have a way of the entire paddling hitting her at the same time.  Before she has a chance to comprehend what is happening the full effects of 6 severe paddle swats to her bottom hit her.  The pain is instant and overwhelming, so much so that when it is over, her knees buckle a little.

teen girl paddle in school until she cries

Sent from the office with a bruised bottom and tears still in her eyes

She received 6 swats to her tight butt in just 2 seconds.  The stinging and the throbbing all begins at once and instead of her eyes watering a little and building, the moment the paddling is over she is crying instantly.  But he likes to move things along and there is no time for her tears.  He has her sit down immediately, sign the corporal punishment form, and she is then sent immediately from his office.  She is not even close to being done with adjusting to the pain and getting all of her emotions out.  When she walks from his office into the main school office, it has the effect of making an impression on the students waiting to see the principal.  She is still holding her bottom, her face is bright red, and she does not only have tears in her eyes, she is still crying.  She would be quite embarrassed under normal circumstances, but she has no control over this situation, all she can focus on is how much her bruised bottom hurts.

A high school girl is taught a serious lesson with a double paddling on her teen bottom

teen girl paddled in high school

Looking at the paddles wondering which one will be used on her bottom.

It was not her 1st time to be sent to the office, but he was going to make sure it was her last.  She had been to his office just three months before for the same offense and he had let her off fairly easy as she had not been in much trouble before.  The last time she sat before him in his office, he told her it was a fairly mild offense, but one that needed to be dealt with.  He wrote on her pink slip that she was to receive 3 swats for her offense and pushed it across the desk for her to read and sign.  He got the reaction he was looking for as she signed the form with shaky hands.  He even went as far as pulling out the paddle and laying it on the desk for her to see.  It made her so nervous, she was close to tears, and he knew he had made his point.  He pulled the paper back in front of him and wrote “suspended sentence” next to her sentence of a 3 swat paddling.  He told her that as long as he did not see her in his office again, the paddling would be suspended indefinitely. She left his office as relieved as she could ever remember being in her life, as the last thing she wanted was to feel that paddle on her butt.

It was clear that she remembered every detail of her last trip to the office as even before he started

high school girl paddling

Assuming the position for a severe paddling she will never forget.

talking about a punishment she was a bit shaky.  He opened her file and pulled out the old form and laid it on the desk.  He read the new disciplinary referral and saw that they were dealing with the same offense as before.  He told her in a very matter a fact way that it was clear that the suspended sentence did not serve its purpose.  He took full responsibility for her being back in his office and actually took the time to apologize to her.  He told her how sorry he was that he did not deal with her discipline issue in such a way as to prevent her from coming back.  He told her that it was hard to mad at her when it was his fault, not hers. He promised her that he would correct the problem this time and she would not have to worry about coming back to his office.

paddling her teen butt at school

Her punishment begins with the small paddle and he achieves tears right away.

It was at this point that he dropped the bomb.  He let her know that they needed to deal with the suspended sentence from last time, which was the deal they had made.  Today she would have to take the 3 swats that he owed her.  This got her attention, but she knew this was probably going to be the case.  He then turned his attention to her new pink slip and she watched him scribble something on the bottom of it.  He slid it across the desk for her to sign and her heart dropped, her pulse quickened, and her face immediately turned red.  On this pink slip he had written “6 swats, second offense”.  She was so shocked, she did not know what to say or do.  He calmly explained that for a second trip to his office, in the same school year, for the same offense, it was standard to double the punishment, as long as it fell within the school’s disciplinary policy.  He told her that she was owed 3 swats, which she should have already received, and for the latest offense she had earned 6.  School policy allows for up to 10 swats for a single offense, but she would only be receiving 9 today.  He motioned to the pen and told her to sign it. She could barely hold it her hands were shaking so badly.  She scribbled her signature and fought back the tears.

He asked her to stand up and escorted her down the hall to the after school detention room which

teen school corporal punishment

He swats her teen butt hard enough to teach her a real lesson.

was the new location that he paddled all students in.  He told her to take a seat and that he would be back to paddle her bottom in a few minutes.  She sat down and looked up at a row of four paddles hanging on a hook on the wall next to her.  She could not help but to reach up and touch one.  She could not believe how big they all seemed, and she could not believe that one of them would be used on her bottomHer last spanking from her mom had been at least 5 years ago, she remember that it hurt like hell, and it was with her mom’s hand…what would the paddle feel like? 

teen girl paddled over her jeans

Her perfect teen bottom is turning black and blue under those tight jeans.

After 5 minutes he returned to the detention room and found a very nervous and sorry young lady before him.  He knew the effects of leaving a young lady alone with a wall of paddles and he used it to his advantage.  It was clear that the punishment had started for her before he even picked up a paddle.  He grabbed the smallest of the paddles off the wall and told her that this is the one he uses for 1st time offenders as it was the thinnest.  He asked her to stand up, turn around, and to bend over and grab her knees.  He politely asked her widen her stance and straighten her legs.  He explained that his rule was that she was to remain in position for her entire paddling.  He would consider failure to follow his rules as direct disobedience.  He further explained that direct disobedience in this school is a punishable offense.  Should she not follow the rules, while he would not be able to paddle her anymore today, that she would report to his office for a paddling in the morning, so he strongly suggested that she follow the rules.  He asked her if she understood and she told him that she did.

He knew this was his chance to change her attitude about the school policies and see to it that she

teen sore butt from school paddling

The second paddle is double the thickness as the 1st and it will leave her bottom sore for many days.

never returned to his office.  He touched the paddle to her butt, lifted it in the air, and smacked her bottom hard.  She jumped a little, but did not move out of place.  He gave the swat a second to register and saw the pain overtake her body.  Her legs began to tremble, she was breathless for a moment, and the gentle sounds of crying began, which he saw as a very good start.  He lifted the paddle again and laid on the second swat and got a similar reaction.  Now the gentle crying turned into sobbing and she started to say “oh no, oh no” with a broken voice.  He lifted the paddle again and gave her a hard 3rd swat to her already swollen bottom.  This lead to a full break down and all attempts by her to hold back her crying were over.  The floodgates opened, the tears fell like rain, and it was clear that she was learning her lesson.

teen crying from a school paddling

The big paddle has the desired effect as she cries uncontrollably.

He gave her a moment as this was the end of her original punishment.  Had he done this in the 1st place they would not even be here right now.  But she had broken the rules a second time, the same rule in fact, so it was his job to see it through.  She saw him step in front of her and hang the paddle back on the rack.  He explained that now that they had completed the paddling that she was owed, that they were now dealing with a new offense.  He apologized as he told her that now that this was her second offense and second paddling from him that he would have to move to the biggest paddle.  She cringed as he reached up and grabbed a paddle that was at least twice as thick as the one that had just caused her as much pain as she had ever known.  He reiterated his rules to her and told her that she needed to hold on tight as this paddle hit quite a bit harder.  She could not imagine that actually being possible as her butt seemed to be getting numb it hurt so badly.

The reason he used the thinner paddle on 1st time offenders was so that they could learn a lesson by having their

teen bottom paddled

Trying to wide away the tears in between swats to her poor teen bottom.

butts paddled, but it was not a multi-day ordeal.  He was firm but fair, so he generally paddled someone new to his office with the smaller paddle.  It certainly hurt like hell and set their little butts on fire, but the thinner paddle did not bruise a bottom so badly.  He felt it was a fair way to handle it and while it was still a paddling, it served as more of a warning.  The heavy paddle was for frequent visitors to his office, or for someone who had not learned a lesson the 1st time he paddled them.  It was indeed twice the thickness of the 1st paddle and it hit with such a thud it bruised bottoms from the 1st swat.  He knew that this one left a long lasting impression and that any young lady that was paddled with this heavy paddle, would be sore for the remainder of the week.  On more than one occasion he saw a young lady walking down the hall, or sitting in the lunchroom a day or two after a paddling and it was clear that she was still feeling it.  Unfortunately for this young lady, grabbing her knees, and bawling her eyes out before him, she was going to get the full treatment on her 1st visit.

bruised teen from school spanking

No amount of rubbing is going to stop her bruised bottom from throbbing.

He stepped back behind her and once again placed the paddle on her sore bottom.  He did not see any reason to draw this out any longer that he already had and he laid on the 1st swat.  Once again, it took her breath away and she made a sort of silent scream.  It is the sound where she starts to yell, but her voice breaks as she exhales all the air in her lungs, and then is sort of frozen in that moment for a minute.  He gave her a chance to get her breath back before applying the next swat.  She had thought her bottom was going numb, but there is no doubt she was feeling that heavy paddle dig deep into the tissue of her bottom.  The second swat almost knocked her forward and off of her feet.  She needed this to be over and she did not want to have to get paddled again in the morning for not holding still.  The tears had never really left her eyes, but she was now crying like a preschooler having a tantrum, she could not control her emotions.  He raised the paddle again and without any pause in between, he laid the last four swats on, full

sore butt from school paddling

Sitting today…or anytime this week is going to be a challenge for her.

force, each on the exact same spot.

It was clear from her reaction to the paddling that she had learned her lesson.  He told her to stand up and her

hands went right to her bottom.  She rubbed furiously, trying her best to make the pain go away, but as she would later find out, that pain would be with her for the next four days.  He told her to have a seat while he went back to his office to get the paperwork that needed to be filled out after corporal punishment had been administered. Sitting down was the very last thing she wanted to do at this point, but she knew better than to question anything he ever said to her again.  With tears in her eyes and her bottom throbbing in way that she did not think was possible, she attempted to sit on the hard wood desk seat.

One teen girl paddled at school, a lesson for all the students.

Yes, she may have just started high school and the rules at this larger school were new to her, but should that change the way he handled her punishment?  Every student was issued a student handbook on the 1st day, in which all of the rules were spelled out in great detail, although he knew that few of them even took a peek.  This was not his responsibility, as they were all told to read the rules cover to cover.   It always happens at the beginning of a new school year, especially with the freshman, as for many of them; they just got their 1st cell phone.  But the rules state, all phones will be kept in a student’s locker, or will remain turned off during any class period.  She either did not read the rules, or just forgot to turn her phone off.

It was the second day of school, but should that change how he handles things?  His experience is that if he lets one student off for an offense, even as minor as this one, then the others start to feel that some rules are not enforced.  That was not the type of school he ran.  So now he is stuck with a female student, a straight A student in middle school, in his office for a minor infraction that was probably just a mistake on her part.  On top of that, she is a tiny little thing, 90 lbs. at the most.  Her school uniform is in perfect condition, clearly is had even been ironed that morning.  She speaks to him with perfect respect, with “Sir” starting or ending just about every sentence.  If there was ever a case to let a student off with a warning, this might the time.

young teen school paddling video

Young teen bent over to be paddled at school

It is this type of thinking that has gotten him in trouble in the past.  He lets one student off and the others start to feel entitled and feel they can have a cell phone in class.  Pretty soon his office is filled with disciplinary referrals for cell phone use.  The wheels will pretty much fall off the wagon.  Just as he is talking himself out of her being in any trouble at all, he makes a full reversal.  This is the perfect chance to make an example out of her.  If this tiny little, perfect student, can have her bottom paddled for such a minor offense, the word will spread and anyone that hears about it will know that no one is immune.

high school girl paddled at school

A very hard and fast paddling at school for this young high school girl.

He tells her it is unfortunate that she did not follow the rules.  Without another word he grabs the large paddle, grabs her gently by the arm, and walks her over to his desk and tells her to bend over.  He convinces himself that it does not matter that she is a model student, that she is respectful, or that she is a young teenage girl, rules are rules.  He will not go easy; in fact he will paddle her just as he would any boy in the school.  Rules are meant to be followed in this school and any violation will result in a sore bottom.  Maybe it was only a single txt beep from her phone, but he was going to make sure it never, ever happened again.  With her bent over, arms outstretched legs wide he lifts the paddle and smacks her tiny little bottom.  He does not allow time for her to adjust to the pain, he just lays on one paddle swat after another.  He gives her six in a row on her little butt and immediately walks the teary eyed girl into the lobby. He decides this example is best shared with as many students as possible and walks her all the way to class.  He does not let her stop at the restroom to compose herself, or to fix her makeup.  With the paddle still in his hand he opens her classroom door and sends her to her desk to retrieve her cell phone.  Every eye in the room is either on her tear stained face or the giant paddle in his hand.  She retrieves the cell phone, still fighting the tears, and brings it to him.  He reminds her what happens when a student has a cell phone in class, gives the paddle a little wave for all to see, and then heads back to his office, knowing full well that with one hard paddling of one teen girl, that he just prevented another 30 students, plus the 300 they all share the story with, from ever bringing a cell phone to class.

A real teen and very real school paddling videos

real school paddling

Her tiny teen bottom receives a very real school paddling.

There are many spanking sites out there that do their best to recreate school corporal punishment, it is pretty clear from my blog posts which ones I favor.  Of all of the site in the that I love, when it comes to school paddling videos, I just can’t get enough of Teen Jessica.  There are many spanking models that get their bottoms paddled on camera, and with all the sites, they certainly get very hard and realistic paddlings.  But with Jessica, OH MY! First of all is the fact that she started modeling when she was just 18 and just a few weeks out of high school.  I also like how she shares with us all of the details about the paddling she actually received in school.

The thought that her perfect little butt was actually paddled in school is almost too much to

real corporal punishment video

Grabbing her ankles for a real school paddling on her teen butt.

comprehend.  Her bottom is so tiny and when she gets paddled on camera, you can tell how much it hurts.  There is not an ounce of extra padding and it is clear she feels each and every swat.  She is often paddled to tears, exactly the way it should happen.  Yes, these scenes are recreations, but she is clearly not acting.  Before a paddling is over she is often covered in sweat from the intensity of the scene.

real school paddling

Real teen, very real school corporal punishment videos.

There are many scenes, especially her earliest ones, in which she is recreating an actual paddling she received in school.  I love seeing her tiny teen bottom paddled in the exact way she got it in school.  I love that she then writes an article detailing the actual paddling she received…it is fantasy and reality all wrapped into one.  She is also the only model I have seen that has taken a full school paddling, administered with two hands.  I am not sure how her little bottom takes it, but somehow she survives.

Her perfect little teen ass is paddled in more school corporal punishment videos than I

real school paddling video

That paddle is going to bruise her tiny teen bottom.

can count.  They are always delivered full force, often lead to tears, and always leave her tiny bottom bruised for what has to be days.  If you doubt the intensity of the paddlings this real teen girl receives, just take a peek at the after gallery below.  These show what happens when a real teen girl, bends over in the principal’s office, for some very real school corporal punishment.

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