Bending over and presenting her teen bottom to be paddled at school

There is a common thread to every school paddling that takes place in the high school of the United States, the presenting of the bottom.  Spankings in the home environment might not be so structured and formal and may even require a parent to hold down their child during their spanking.  But in a school environment, administrators are not allowed to put their hands on the students in any way.  This creates the unique situation in which a female high school student has to assist with her punishment.  No one is going to hold her down and paddle her bottom; it is her responsibility to present her bottom to be paddled and to stay in that position, regardless of how much it hurts.

school paddling teen girl

Presenting her teen bottom to be paddled at school.

This is often a very difficult task for a teenage girl.  She has been told she is going to be paddled and is probably looking at the paddle that is going to be used on her, right there on the desk.  She sees it is a heavy piece of wood and she can only guess as to how much it is going to hurt.  The very last thing she wants at that moment in time is to feel it on her bottom.  But she got in trouble and she needs to be punished and there is nothing she can do about it.  The reality is that she wants to run away.  She does not want to be spanked at school and she certainly does not want it to be done by this person that she does not know.

school corporal punishment

Left alone with her thoughts about what she did and how bad it is going to hurt.

As scary and overwhelming the whole concept is, it is out of her hands and she has to do what she is instructed to do.  The 1st step is her submitting to her punishment by presenting her bottom.  This is a very formal and intimate act.  She is 18 years old and this man has the power to tell her to bend over and make a very intimate part of her body accessible for him to bring pain to it.  There are very few situations in this word in which a grown man can tell an older teen girl to present her ass to him.  Not only that, he gets to decide exactly how she is to do so.

teen paddled at school

Required to present her tiny teen bottom for a hard school paddling.

But this is not only an important part of the process, it is a requirement.  No girl has ever been paddled at school in a standing position; it is just not a safe way to go about it.  But it not only a functional part of the process, it helps her own her part of the punishment.  She is actively cooperating in her own discipline by presenting her bottom.  It establishes the administrator’s authority over her when he tells her to bend over and it helps to put a very real focus on what is about to happen.  For a few minutes, all of the attention in the room is going to be focused on her bottom and nothing else.

school paddling punishment

Bent over his desk as she waits for the 1st swat to hit her bottom.

Everything in the past few minutes in that office has built up to this very moment.  She is told to stand up and then she is told to bend over.  There are many positions that a girl can be made to assume for a paddling and different administrators have different preferences.  Regardless of the position, she is being told to make her bottom available so he can provide as much pain as possible to it, which is something that she is more than aware of.  Being bent over, with her bottom in the air is a powerful reminder as to what she did to get herself in this position.  Many administrators will take advantage of what she is feeling at that moment and leave her in place in order to get the required documents for a school paddling filled out.

grabbing ankles for a school paddling

Told to grab her ankles and then made to wait to have her bottom paddled.

Imagine her thoughts as she is bent in the middle of his office, grabbing her ankles, with the entire focus being on her bottom in the air.  She has become faceless and nothing else really matters at that moment except her butt.  His attention will be solely focused on her butt in a matter of moments.  The paddle on his desk will be completely focused on providing pain to her bottom.  Even the forms he is currently filling out have everything to do with her bottom.  She is left alone with her thoughts with her bottom in the air and that leads her to wondering how she got herself into this mess in the 1st place.  This allows her to reflect on her behavior and how to prevent this situation from ever happening again. She feels silly as an 18 year old girl, waiting with her cute butt on display to be spanked…at school.  It will not take long before her attention is diverted from having her bottom in the air, to how much it hurts once that 1st swat lands.

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