Sent to the coach for a hard school paddling

She is a science teacher at the high school, and science is her love and her passion.  This somehow led to her also teaching health to the 10-12th graders at the school.  At some point, she was asked to take over one hour of PE a day for the senior girls.  She was not thrilled about it, but she is a team player.  It is general PE, so she is not coaching a sport, just basically organizing activities to keep these 17-18 year old girls, who have chosen not to compete in athletics, active for an hour a day.  She learned early on that these girls want to be there even less than she does.

coach school corporal punishment

Presenting her teen bottom, in gym shorts, for a hard paddling from the coach.

All the coaches seem to utilize paddling in this school, even the PE coaches.  She went a full semester without ever using the paddle, she just did not see it as an effective form of discipline.  She would just send any offending girl to the school principal, but quickly saw that this did not seem to be a deterrent of any kind.  After a semester of dealing with these young ladies, she finally decided that she would give paddling a try.  She was told that the woodshop teacher would build her a paddle, which she had him do.  She quickly found out that she was not very good at giving a paddling.  She herself had never played sports and she could not swing the paddle with any force.  The girls that she tried to paddle, pretty much laughed in her face when it was over.  Now she had a paddle and it was even a less of a deterrent than sending them to the office.

hard school paddling from the coach

A male coach paddles her teen bottom hard.

She expressed her problems one day to a male coach in the teacher’s lounge, almost hoping he would give her pointers on how to paddle better.  He informed her that during her 5th period PE class, that he had his conference period, and was generally free.  He told her to simply send any offending girls to find him during her class and he would see to it that her discipline problems would be over in just a couple of weeks.  She was quite relieved that not only would she not have to paddle anymore, but someone who was known to be quite effective at it, would take care of her problems for her.

paddled at school

With her bottom properly presented, he teaches her a very real lesson with a school paddle.

It only took a few times of sending a girl to find the coach for discipline to improve in her PE class.  When a girl would misbehave, act up, or refuse to participate, the problem became quite simple to deal with.  There were no pink slips or paperwork, she would simply tell the girl to go to the coach’s office and find the coach that she had the agreement with.  “Just tell him I sent you to be paddled” she would say, almost with a smile on her face.  The 1st time she ever said it, it got every girl in the gyms attention. The naughty high school senior would have to walk to the area where the male coaching staff had their offices, find the coach, and basically ask for a paddling.

teen school paddling

All the girls will see her bruised bottom when she changes in the locker room.

He never inquired about a young lady’s offenses, he simply told them to wait in the hall and that he would be out to paddle her in a moment.  He knew how hard to was to be a new coach, especially for PE, and his goal was to make this shy science teacher’s job much easier.  He knew that after he busted the bottoms of a few young ladies that the word would spread in PE and the problem would be solved.  He would grab his paddle and head out into the hall.  There was very little discussion, he just told her to bend over and put her hands on the wall.  Generally he would give a specific amount of swats based on the offense, but in this case, he was trying to eliminate a problem with an entire class.  Those 1st few girls sent his way really paid the price for everyone.  He paddled each of those 1st few girls like they were guys on his football team.  He swung as hard as he could and lifted them onto their toes with each swat.  He gave the full 10 swats he was allowed and made sure to send the PE teacher a crying and sore young lady.  It was amazing the change in behavior when the male football coach walks a crying girl back into the gym with a paddle tucked under his arm.  If that was not enough of a deterrent, as each girl sneaked a peek of the punished girl’s bruised bottom while she changed in the locker room, they all vowed to be on their best behavior.

The above animations are from a very real school paddling administered in the member’s area of

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