School Corporal Punishment with a Paddle

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A real bruised bottom from a real school paddling

My primary focus on this blog it the study of school corporal punishment paddling as it takes place in the real world.  Let’s be honest, the world of bare bottom school paddling no longer exists.  this is why pretty much all of the content I feature shows 18-19 year old girls being paddled over tight jeans and the occasional skirt,  this is what young ladies wear to high school, so I do not show much in the way of bare bottom paddling content, even though there is plenty of good bare bottom paddling videos to be found.

One of the questions I often get from viewers of this blog is “does a school paddling really work“, or “are these girls paddled hard enough that it really makes a difference in their behavior”?  I thought I would put the reality pictures aside for a moment and just take a look at these questions and what the real effects of a hard school paddling are.  To really see what happens, when a large wooden school paddle, swung full force, hits a high school girl’s bottom, I think we need to peel away a few layers for a moment to see what happens with that impact.

My 1st example shows the effects on an 18 year old girl, with a little bit bigger of a bottom.  This girl really is 18, her name is Keagen and she is a model for  In her 1st interview she discusses the fact that she just turned 18 and had been waiting to work for them.  She left school early with her GED and had she not, she would have been a senior in high school the day this paddling was filmed…this is about as real as we can get as far as a high school aged girl getting a very real paddling. The swat in this GIF is applied to her bare bottom, but it allows us to see what is going on under a high school girl’s jeans when she receives a paddling at school.

bare butt paddling high school girl

The intensity of a full force school paddle swat is clear when you take away the pants and panties.

There is nothing extreme about this paddling, this is a typical, well placed, hard paddle swat applied to a big teen butt.  What this slow motion animation shows, without the jeans covering her bottom is the ripple effects that are created by the paddle.  We can also see the bruising appearing before our eyes.

This next girl is 19, also from  She is a normal sized girl, with the typical nice ass you see walking the halls of any high school.

school paddling slow motion

Her teen bottom bruises instantly from her school paddling

Once again, even on a much smaller ass, we see the ripple effect and it is clear why a school paddling produces very real results.  There is no way that did not produce severe discomfort for this young lady and the bruising is clear.

The bruised bottom is one of the reasons a paddling is so effective.  Most people, even high school aged girls, can suck up the pain for the maybe 30 seconds a school paddling might last.  Yes, they often cry, but the whole process does not last very long.  Their bodies produce endorphines, which quickly help them better deal with the pain their butts feel.  Five minutes after the paddling, they may even feel like it was not so bad.  But the real lesson and learning begins around 30 minutes later.  Her body calms down, her heart rate returns to normal, and the endorphines go away.  Then the intense throbbing begins, the pain returns, and she realizes that she is not out of the woods yet.  Clearly sitting becomes a problem, but even walking produces discomfort.  The lower part of her bottom is effected by just about any moment she makes, so the pain never really goes away.

Another question, is what does a properly paddled bottom look like, 5 hours later, or the next morning?  If they were paddled the way many girls are in high school’s in the South, her butt is bruised and swollen..actually kind of hard to the touch.  The next morning most of the swelling will have gone down, but it is still a mess of bruises, and in most cases even more sore.  Think of your typical hard workout at the gym.  It is not so bad the day of the workout, but you sure feel it the next day.  If you are like me, 48 hours after is when I am at my sorest.  So, does a school paddling really work?  Imagine a punishment that is far worse 48 hours after it took place.  I have talked to girls who said that they had to squat over the toilet for at least three days following their school paddling, it just hurt too much to sit.  Now imagine that same girl, trying to sit at her desk at school in the days following her paddling.  She does not want anyone to know that she was paddled, so she tries to fight it, but from 8:00-3:30 for at least a few days, she is still being punished in a very serious manner.  As you question how bad that could really be, let’s take a look at what these young ladies see when they go home and look at their bottoms in the mirror after a hard school paddling.  How would you sit if your bottom looked like this?

high school corporal punishment paddling results

She will be sitting gingerly after her hard school paddling.

classic school paddle bruising

The results from being paddled at school

a well paddled bottom at school

Her petite teen bottom was paddled at school and will be sore for a week.

paddled at school

This is the result of a 10 swat paddling over jeans, as realistic as it gets, and these are the real results.

paddling at high school

All of the swats from this school paddling were applied low, but the ripple effect leaves her whole bottom bruised.

These school paddling images come from the full videos in the member’s area of

Paddled at school, spanked by parents at home

about to receive her high school paddling

She knows that school paddle is going to bruise her teen bottom

There are many things going on in the head of a young lady that has been told she will be receiving a school paddling. The initial focus is generally on how much this paddling is going to sting her teen bottom. She knows the paddle is huge and she knows how hard it is swung. She knows that in a matter of minutes, she will by crying her eyes out as her poor bottom is paddled until it is bruised and sore to the touch. She also thinks about the humiliation and embarrassment of being ordered by this man that she barely knows, to present her teen bottom to him to be paddled. She will have to stand up, move to the center of

school corporal punishment paddling US

Grabbing her ankles and waiting for her school paddling.

the room, spread her legs wide, and bend over and grab her ankles. He will take his time, fill out some paperwork, and eventually call in someone to witness her paddling. She may end up in this position, grabbing her ankles with her bottom high in the air, for several minutes. It gives her much time to not only think what she did, the paddling she is about to receive, but for many young ladies the very worst part…when they get home.

paddled at school spanking at home from mom

Paddled hard at school and then had her bottom blistered by mom at home.

For many high school girls, the rules at home regarding a school paddling are clear, get it at school, get it at home. This serves as a reminder to the young lady that she is accountable for her actions, regardless of where she is. Any behavior that is found to be unacceptable at school is clearly unacceptable based on the rules at home. Many parents take misbehavior at school even more seriously than issues at home. Their daughter is basically a representative of their household and needs to be on her very best behavior at all times. School discipline issues can also affect college placement, something that most parents take seriously. As a result, the punishment that takes place in the home, after a young lady is paddled at school, is generally worse than the typical spanking she receives from her parents.

The spanking at home, following a school paddling, can be worse for several reasons. The 1st is the

school paddling then spanked by dad

A very sore bottom. Paddled at school, then strapped by dad, a real lesson learned.

fact that several hours before she was bent over in the school office, grabbing her ankles, while 6-10 severe paddle swats were applied to her bottom. A paddling while grabbing the ankles pulls all of the muscles close to the surface, so it really leaves a bruising on her teen bottom. She suffered through every second of that paddling, learning a very real lesson for the duration, and cried her eyes out like a 1st grader. Shortly after the paddling, her butt went from feeling almost numb, to a very intense throbbing. She suffered through the rest of the day, barely able to sit in any class. By the time she gets home, her bottom is so sore that her eyes still tear up on occasion. The tears do not come back as a result of just the pain alone, she knows based on past experience what will be next.

hairbrush spanking from mom

A long session with mom's brush help emphasize the school paddling she received that day.

There are many households in which corporal punishment is the primary form of discipline. Spanking is a way of life, and as they become older teens, it often needs to intensify. There is no sympathy for the girl with a bruised and sore bottom from being paddled at school, rather, they see this as an even better learning opportunity. These are not the type of parents that are going to go easy being that she was just paddled. If anything, the spanking is going to be worse than what she normally gets at home. It depends on the home, but you can guarantee her bruised bottom is going to be lit on fire all over again. It may be a trip into her bedroom for a long and hard session with mom’s antique wooden hairbrush while over her knee. Nothing reminds her that she is still acting like a child than having to climb onto mom’s lap for several minutes with the hairbrush. Mom might even give a little extra focus to the already bruised spots on her teen bottom to make sure this lesson lasts for days.

paddled at school paddled at home

Dad paddled just as hard as school, but on the bare, with many more swats

This may be a household where dad is the primary disciplinarian and she has to wait for a while before he gets home before her bottom receives additional punishment. Some dads handle it just like the school, with his own wooden paddle that he made in his garage. Unlike the school paddling, he never hesitates to have her bare her bottom for her paddling. He does not have any restrictions based on school policy, he bares her butt and gets to work swinging just as hard as she got at school and there is no way he is stopping at ten swats. He just keeps paddling until the job is done and her entire bottom is black and blue. Maybe he is an old school dad that only uses the belt. She has been sent to her room, hours before, waiting for him to come home from work. He enters her room and is quick to the point. “Were you paddled at school today”?

bare bottom strapping from dad after her school paddling

Dad makes sure to cover the spots the school paddled missed on her teen bottom

She answers yes, tells him why, and that is all he needs to hear. He tells her to turn around, drop her shorts and her panties, and he gets to work with the belt. This strict dad does not measure a punishment based on strokes, he goes by minutes. Four minutes of a non-stop strapping with his belt more than gets the job done. Her already bruised bottom is now on fie and covered with large welts that emphasize the point that was made at school.

For many young ladies, getting paddled at school is just the very beginning of their punishment. The photos used to illustrate this post come from the various member;s areas included with the Their sites have more than 250 realistic school paddling videos, with real teens paddled to tears. One pass gets you access to all sites.

A hard school paddling teaches a real lesson.

Whether it is administered by a man or a woman, a school paddling can be a very painful event for

Teen girl paddled at school

Feeling the effects of a very hard swat with the school paddle...many more to come.

the high school girl.  There is no reason to downplay it, the reality of a school paddling is that it is supposed to hurt.  It is a punishment; its purpose is to teach a young lady a lesson for her bad behavior.  Swatting her bottom with a paddle softly serves no purpose at all.  The administrator at a high school who is given the task of paddling your lady’s bottoms is typically very good at it.  By good, I mean that they can swing the paddle hard.  They know that a hard swing is required and put everything they can behind that paddle.  They want learning to take place, and the most learning happens when the sting on her bottom is more than she can handle. 

teen bottom paddled at school

Full force school swats with the paddle on her big teen bottom.

The best administrators, that apply a school paddling, distance themselves from the process.  There is no anger involved, there is no yelling, and they are simply doing their jobs.  The student’s behavior is looked at, it is decided they are guilty of the infraction, and a punishment is sentenced.  When the determined punishment is a paddling, just as with any other punishment, they need for it to be effective and long lasting.  The young lady is required to stand up, bend over the desk, or maybe place her hands on the wall.  A large wooden school paddle is produced, generally from a drawer, but maybe from a nail where it hangs on the wall.  The student is instructed to stay in position for her entire paddling, and then it begins.  The paddle is lifted high in the air and brought down with as much force as can be produced.  If it is being done properly, her eyes fill with tears immediately, which is a good start.  The paddle is lifted again and brought down with a much force as the 1st one.  The process is repeated until her full sentence has been administered.

After a proper school paddling, the young lady will be crying, which means the desired effects have

getting her teen butt paddled in high school

Hands on the wall for a hard session with the school paddle.

been achieved.  Her bottom will be throbbing as the soreness continues to creep in.  If the administrator is really good at his or hers job, this is just the beginning for the young lady.  As she walks back to class her bottom is still burning.  When she sits at her hard wood desk, it feels like fire on her poor teen bottom.  But the next day of class will be even worse.  The deep bruising from the paddling the day before is still with her.  Sitting is much more difficult and she suffers through the day remembering exactly what she did wrong and promises herself that she will never, ever, do that again.

The gifs used in this post come very realistic school paddling videos in the member’s area of