Waiting with the other students to be paddled at school by the principal.

boy paddled in high school

A male student was just paddled, time to call in the next one.

Corporal punishment is very common at this school. It is a large high school and many students find themselves in the vice principal’s office every day. There are other VP’s at this school, but this one handles all the discipline issues. There is an endless stream of students in and out of his office for disciplinary referrals throughout the day. He is generous in his awarding of a school paddling for infractions of the school rules. Probably close to half of the students that are sent to his office, find themselves being told they will be paddled. It does not matter if they are male of

teen girl paddled in high school

She may be a female, and she may only weigh 110 lbs, but she is going to get the same paddling as the boy before her received.

female students, or in the tenth, eleventh, of twelfth grade, he paddles when he thinks it will help teach a lesson.

He does not paddle on the spot for infractions; he always paddles during the lunch hour. He does not feel that anytime should be wasted from their studies and time spent in class, so as soon as he decides that a student is going to have their bottom paddled, he tells them to return at the very beginning of their lunch period. For some

assuming the position for a school paddling

The time has come for her bottom to be paddled at school.

students, who get in trouble after lunch, this means they will be waiting almost 24 hours before they are paddled. They certainly do not get a good night sleep that night knowing that the following day they will be receiving what is known throughout school to be a very hard paddling.

When lunch time approaches, the student start filing into the main school office. There are 6 chairs against the wall and the students are expected to sit in the chairs and wait their turn. The paddlings are administered on a 1st come 1st serve basis, so whoever sits in the chair closest to the door is first. Some days there are only a couple of students

severe school paddling teen girl

A full force paddle swat to her teen bottom has the desired effect.

waiting to be paddled, but on a busy day, there may be more students than there are chairs. The secretary has those that are not sitting, form an orderly line. There is no talking allowed, they have to simply sit or stand and wait their turn to be paddled. When he is ready he comes out of his office with the paddle in hand. It is a large paddle, made by the woodshop teacher, and it has the word “Principal” etched into it in large letters. For the students who have only heard about it and never seen it, the reality begins to set in.

His office is quite small, so he prefers to use the after school detention room that is adjacent to his office. It gives him room to put them

teen corporal punishment

With a burning bottom and tears in her eyes, she leaves the office.

in a proper position and to swing the paddle as fully as he prefers to do. With a stack of pink slips in one hand, that detail how many swats each student will be getting, he invites the first student into the detention room and closes the door behind. He asks the student to remove anything, such as a wallet, from their back pocket and bend over. He swings the paddle hard and prefers for them to be in a position of stability. Each student is required to bend at the waist, reach far out and put their hands on the wall, with a wide stance. This makes their position stable, presents their bottoms nicely, and also helps prevent them from getting their hands in the way. In this position, both hands need to be on the wall or they will fall forward.

assume the position for a school paddling

Assuming the proper position for her school paddling. Butt out, hands on wall, wide stance.

Once they are in position, he flips through the stack of pink slips and finds theirs. Written in large letters on the slip is the amount of swats they will be receiving along with where the student

teen girl corporal punishment school paddle

Her tight teen bottom is feeling the sting of full force paddle swats.

initialed that they acknowledged that they would be receiving corporal punishment. He never gives less than 5 swats and never more than 10. He would announce to the student what they were being paddled for any how many they were to receive. With the formalities out of the way he would begin. The severity of the punishment was based on the number of swats, not how hard he paddled. He believed in fairness and equality in his school paddlings, and saw no reason why a girl should be paddled less severely than a guy, or a 16 less hard than an 18 year old. It could be a 100 lb. girl, or a 200 lb. guy, it was the severity of their offense and nothing else that influenced how many swats they got. All swats were always as hard as he could swing the paddle. He saw no point in giving a gentle paddling, this simply increased the chances

bruised butt from a school paddling

There is no doubt as to what is going on under her tight jeans…a bruised bottom and an attitude change.

of the student returning to his office for the same offense. It needed to be memorable and it needed to hurt, and most of all, it needed to leave their bottoms sore for quite some time.

With the student in position, for at least a minute or two as he looked through the paperwork, it would finally start. He would raise the paddle and bring it down full force on the bottom of the student. The sound was very clear to those outside the door and this really made them start to squirm. More times than not the student would shout out in pain after the 1st swat and everyone would hear it. With just a second or two pause to let the pain sink in, the next swat would be applied. Those waiting for their turn, especially those who had never been paddled at school before, start to get very nervous at this point. They hear what sounds like gunshot after gunshot going off in the room next to them and they know that in a few minutes, that will be the sound of the

teen corporal punishment at school

No amount of rubbing is going to change how her bottom feels. She is going to be sore for days.

paddle hitting their own bottoms. Clearly that is not a good feeling and all they want at that very moment is to be anywhere else in the world. The reality is, there is nothing they can do about it. After a few hard swats, they start to hear another noise mixed in, the sound of crying. With a paddling this hard, even the boys find it hard to hold back the tears. This is a good sign for the principal; he knows he is doing his job well. This is a bad sign for the students waiting, especially the young ladies, they know that when their bottoms feel the paddle, they too will be crying. Finally the sound of the paddling stops, the door opens, and a very tearful student walks out. Their butt is burning, they are crying, and they are horribly embarrassed as they have to walk past the row of students waiting for their school paddling. With the paddle still in hand, he motions to the next young lady in line and simply says “next”.

school corporal punishment paddling to tears

You be the judge, is she learning her lesson.?In the video this animation comes from she gets it long and hard and it ends in tears.

To see the full paddling that goes with this post, visit the member’s area of Realspankings.com. The paddling video that goes with these pictures is administered exactly as described in this post. Very hard swats, to the bottoms of two 18 year old girls, that results in tears and a bruised bottom. Very realistic and very hard school paddling video.

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