A real bruised bottom from a real school paddling

My primary focus on this blog it the study of school corporal punishment paddling as it takes place in the real world.  Let’s be honest, the world of bare bottom school paddling no longer exists.  this is why pretty much all of the content I feature shows 18-19 year old girls being paddled over tight jeans and the occasional skirt,  this is what young ladies wear to high school, so I do not show much in the way of bare bottom paddling content, even though there is plenty of good bare bottom paddling videos to be found.

One of the questions I often get from viewers of this blog is “does a school paddling really work“, or “are these girls paddled hard enough that it really makes a difference in their behavior”?  I thought I would put the reality pictures aside for a moment and just take a look at these questions and what the real effects of a hard school paddling are.  To really see what happens, when a large wooden school paddle, swung full force, hits a high school girl’s bottom, I think we need to peel away a few layers for a moment to see what happens with that impact.

My 1st example shows the effects on an 18 year old girl, with a little bit bigger of a bottom.  This girl really is 18, her name is Keagen and she is a model for Realspankings.com.  In her 1st interview she discusses the fact that she just turned 18 and had been waiting to work for them.  She left school early with her GED and had she not, she would have been a senior in high school the day this paddling was filmed…this is about as real as we can get as far as a high school aged girl getting a very real paddling. The swat in this GIF is applied to her bare bottom, but it allows us to see what is going on under a high school girl’s jeans when she receives a paddling at school.

bare butt paddling high school girl

The intensity of a full force school paddle swat is clear when you take away the pants and panties.

There is nothing extreme about this paddling, this is a typical, well placed, hard paddle swat applied to a big teen butt.  What this slow motion animation shows, without the jeans covering her bottom is the ripple effects that are created by the paddle.  We can also see the bruising appearing before our eyes.

This next girl is 19, also from Realspankings.com.  She is a normal sized girl, with the typical nice ass you see walking the halls of any high school.

school paddling slow motion

Her teen bottom bruises instantly from her school paddling

Once again, even on a much smaller ass, we see the ripple effect and it is clear why a school paddling produces very real results.  There is no way that did not produce severe discomfort for this young lady and the bruising is clear.

The bruised bottom is one of the reasons a paddling is so effective.  Most people, even high school aged girls, can suck up the pain for the maybe 30 seconds a school paddling might last.  Yes, they often cry, but the whole process does not last very long.  Their bodies produce endorphines, which quickly help them better deal with the pain their butts feel.  Five minutes after the paddling, they may even feel like it was not so bad.  But the real lesson and learning begins around 30 minutes later.  Her body calms down, her heart rate returns to normal, and the endorphines go away.  Then the intense throbbing begins, the pain returns, and she realizes that she is not out of the woods yet.  Clearly sitting becomes a problem, but even walking produces discomfort.  The lower part of her bottom is effected by just about any moment she makes, so the pain never really goes away.

Another question, is what does a properly paddled bottom look like, 5 hours later, or the next morning?  If they were paddled the way many girls are in high school’s in the South, her butt is bruised and swollen..actually kind of hard to the touch.  The next morning most of the swelling will have gone down, but it is still a mess of bruises, and in most cases even more sore.  Think of your typical hard workout at the gym.  It is not so bad the day of the workout, but you sure feel it the next day.  If you are like me, 48 hours after is when I am at my sorest.  So, does a school paddling really work?  Imagine a punishment that is far worse 48 hours after it took place.  I have talked to girls who said that they had to squat over the toilet for at least three days following their school paddling, it just hurt too much to sit.  Now imagine that same girl, trying to sit at her desk at school in the days following her paddling.  She does not want anyone to know that she was paddled, so she tries to fight it, but from 8:00-3:30 for at least a few days, she is still being punished in a very serious manner.  As you question how bad that could really be, let’s take a look at what these young ladies see when they go home and look at their bottoms in the mirror after a hard school paddling.  How would you sit if your bottom looked like this?

high school corporal punishment paddling results

She will be sitting gingerly after her hard school paddling.

classic school paddle bruising

The results from being paddled at school

a well paddled bottom at school

Her petite teen bottom was paddled at school and will be sore for a week.

paddled at school

This is the result of a 10 swat paddling over jeans, as realistic as it gets, and these are the real results.

paddling at high school

All of the swats from this school paddling were applied low, but the ripple effect leaves her whole bottom bruised.

These school paddling images come from the full videos in the member’s area of Realspankings.com

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