Waiting to be paddled at school.

Sometimes waiting to receive a school paddling is just as difficult as the paddling itself.  Two young ladies, sent to the office, and being informed they are to be paddled.  They are sent from the office to wait, while the paperwork is completed.  They both sit outside the principal’s office, knowing that in just moments their teen bottoms will be feeling the intense sting of the large wooden school paddle.  A witness is called in and the 1st girl is invited in for her paddling.  She places her hands on the wall and bends over.  The young lady who is nest cannot see the paddling taking place, but her heart drops when she hears that first swat land.  It is not quiet, it sounds like an explosion, and then next thing she hears if the crying of her friend.  The sound only intensifies, as does the crying, as 5 more severe swats are laid on, full force, to her backside.  The 1st girl comes out in tears and the second girl is called in…with tears running down her face before she even bends over.  She knows this is going to be bad.

Two girl school corporal punishment paddling

Waiting for her turn to be paddled at school

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