Girl receiving school corporal punishment

So, how often does a teenage girl actually get paddled at school?  Take a look at these recent stats from Gentry High School, in Mississippi:

At this senior high school (grades 10 through 12), corporal punishment is listed as appropriate only for “minor rule infractions” such as dress code violation, cutting class, missing detention, insubordination and disrespect), inadequate supplies for class, hall pass violation, littering, profanity, and sleeping in class.

Paddlings took place on about 395 occasions last year at Gentry High, for a total enrollment of some 600, according to government figures. 180 of these, or 45%, related to female students.

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One Response to Girl receiving school corporal punishment

  1. Goodgirl says:

    It seems to me that offenses such as “inadequate supplies”, “insubordiantion and rudeness”, and “dress code violations” are broad enough to allow a beedy eyed teacher or Principal to bring up nearly anyone on charges, particularly if he’s watching the miscreant closely. Even if the original charge is bogus arguing about it could be insubordination.

    “Yes, it seems you aren’t the girl who was smoking behind the school, but you were very rude to me when I questioned you and we’re going to deal with that “attitude” of yours right now, young lady!”

    How unfair! To make matters worse, a “good girl” would be more vulnerable, since she wouldn’t want to miss classes or risk her academic or after school activities.